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Dear friends,

As always, the bad news come with the good.

Bad News

My blog has to move to another server again, barely 2 months after my last move. Necessary because I’m uploading too many pics = = and am about to run out of space on this server, and another server in Singapore is offering much more space.

As a result of some domain DNS change needing about 2 days to fully take effect, what this means to you is that when you try to access my blog in the next 2 days, you may be directed to my old server, where there will be NO other updates after this notice.

If you see current updates, that means you have come to the new server. 🙂

I hope everything will be settled by Friday 15 April, because that’s when I will try to upload my recording of JKS attending the 15th Global Chinese Music Awards.

* NOTE: My blog address is still the same:

Good news

Er, that’s hopefully my blog doesn’t have to move again and I will have lots of server space to upload beautiful pics! ^^


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J Plus photograh book promotional PV

Credits: ediepig

The translated version will be out later.

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[News] JKS signing record contract with Chinese company?

I cannot pinpoint the exact source of the news, but Sukbar and Sina are circulating news that in addition to the agency contract that Jang Keun Suk will sign with HS Media on Saturday 16 April, he will also sign a music album contract with one of the biggest and reputed record companies in China, Typhoon Group. This news has the Chinese eels in ecstacy, as they look forward to JKS’ Chinese music album and the prospect of his further career development in China.

Some very brief background news about Typhoon Group: It’s buying over the shares of all EMI record companies in the greater China region. All the artistes under EMI will be transferred to Typhoon Group, including Jolin Tsai, A-mei, Elva Hsiao and Show Luo. All album releases outside of China will still be executed by EMI. In an environment where many Chinese music record companies are bringing in foreign capital, this is the first time that a Chinese company has bought over an international company.

Typhoon Group plans to branch out into music, movies, drama and other areas of the entertainment industry, and will continue to collaborate with artistes who have the potential.

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[News] JKS fans pay for advertisement

Hong Kong “Sun” – “You are Beautiful” star Jang Keun Suk, who has just attended an autograph session as mobile phone brand ambassador in Seoul yesterday, will be having a fan-meeting in Kowloon Hong Kong on 30 April. Tickets are priced at HK$1,280 and HK$580. Spending about 4 days in Hong Kong, JKS will arrive on 28 April afternoon, hold a press conference at APM on 29 April and on 30 April, JKS will be attending an autograph session at APM for fan-meeting VIP ticket-holders.

In order to welcome their idol, the Hong Kong fans paid around HK$30,000 to buy advertisement space on 12 buses for his fan-meeting , and have also initiated a charity fund-raising event in aid of the Japanese earthquake victims. All the charity proceeds will be donated via Hong Kong Red Cross in Jang Keun Suk’s name.

Credits: “Sun” newspaper & Suk Nation Hong Kong

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[News] JKS Fans’ Autograph – His transformation into handsome sales manager

Credits as tagged

13 April 2011 – On 12 April afternoon at basement 1 of Samsung Electronics Centre, in order to celebrate the opening of super-big IT and mobile phone retail outlet D’light Shop, actor Jang Keun Suk had an autograph session and even became a manager for a day.

As Samsung mobile phone brand ambassador, JKS not only signed autographs for fans, he also became a shop manager for a day, and demonstrated his professionalism in participating in the shop’s opening activities. Not only did he promote the functions of new products to D’light Shop customers with ease and familiarity, he also organised a live auction whereby the proceeds from the sale of two mobile phones were donated to charity.

Currently, JKS is busy with filming commercials in Korea and in other Asian countries, and also with preparation for his Asia Tour. His debut single to be released in Japan on 27 April is also highly anticipated by fans.

Credits: TV Daily Chinese

For video & more pics,

Read more[News] JKS Fans’ Autograph – His transformation into handsome sales manager

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[12 April 2011] JKS Samsung Galaxy Player autograph session at D’light

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar & KeunSukChina

Event poster at the venue

For more updates,

Read more[12 April 2011] JKS Samsung Galaxy Player autograph session at D’light

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How to order Cri-J Magazine online

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar
Disclaimer: I have not proceeded to making actual payment, but you should be able to complete the online purchase. Please note that I will not be bearing any responsibility should any issue occur in your transaction, and neither would I be able to help as I don’t understand Japanese. You could try e-mailing them in English.

Finally, there is a way to order Cri-J magazine.

Some general information:
Release dates:
Issue 1: 10 April 2011
Issue 2: 10 July 2011
Issue 3: 10 October 2011
Issue 4: 10 January 2012

– One issue is about 400 grammes in weight.
– A4 size
– Price of 4 issues: 8,400 yen + EMS overseas delivery.
– The total seems to be 12,800 yen (I cannot confirm this), but you should see the final amount when you are making payment via credit card.

For ordering, please follow these steps:

Go to this website

Refer to pic above.

Read moreHow to order Cri-J Magazine online

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[“Cut” Interview] Pretty boy’s BDC view of life

Aphrael77’s note:

I didn’t save pics of Japanese “Cut” magazine, so these pics are from Zegda and totally not related to the article at all ^^. Chinese website Sohu Entertainment translated the “Cut” interview.

As much as we all adore JKS’ pics, I love his interviews equally too. Provided the interviewer doesn’t ask questions that we’ve all heard before, interviews provide an insight to Jang Keun Suk. The more I know about JKS, the more I admire and love him. He is the most dedicated and professional actor I’ve come across, and always so passionate and responsible for the things that he does. 🙂

Sohu Entertainment – Korean star Jang Keun Suk’s debut “Let me cry” album, originally slated for release on 23 March, has been postponed as a result of the massive Eastern Japan earthquake, and now the release date is confirmed on 27 April. Television dramas such as “You are Beautiful” and “Marry me Mary” have made this actor the best loved Korean star in Japan. His official music album debut has been much anticipated, and fans are not unfamiliar with JKS’ voice as he has sung drama soundtracks at fan meetings and on television. His musical talent demonstrated in Lounge H collaboration with good friend Big Brother also amazed fans. Upon the first hearing of “Let me cry”, many Japanese reporters who are not familiar with JKS are greatly surprised by the explosive power of his voice, and comment that JKS is frankly a rock singer and has performed his debut song effectively. Recently, JKS accepted the interview of reputed Japanese magazine “Cut”. Facing the reporter who has a reputation for asking challengingly tricky and sophisticated questions, JKS was open and talked freely about his experiences thus far, and answered questions like why he chose to launch his singing career in Japan.

Read more[“Cut” Interview] Pretty boy’s BDC view of life

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[MV] Shortened version of “Let me cry”

LMC , posted with vodpod

Credits: KeunSukChina

* Update *
In the grey field, please input the password jks.
Then click the button next to the field to see the MV ^^

Man, if I have known that a video (albeit a shortened version) would come out so soon, I wouldn’t have spent one hour trying to upload screencaps on my super-slow-as-snail home internet >< Anyway, JKS is SUPER COOL in the MV! Love him!

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[MV] Some screencaps of “Let me cry”

Credits: tdedie @ Suk Baidu Bar

Jang Keun Suk’s “Let me cry” music video is out!!!
The MV version should be coming very soon but in the meantime, here are some screencaps to satisfy our curiosity. JKS in his very rocker style!

Read more[MV] Some screencaps of “Let me cry”

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Wallpapers from Lotte DFS website

Credits: hooyeedog @ Suk Baidu Bar

One more,

Read moreWallpapers from Lotte DFS website

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[CF] Zegda BTS pics

Credits: Zegda @ Sina

Sweet pics of JKS ….

For more,

Read more[CF] Zegda BTS pics

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[CF] Lotte DFS new ad

Credits: tdedie @ Suk Baidu Bar

One more,

Read more[CF] Lotte DFS new ad

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Donations to Japan Red Cross from sale of JKS merchandise

The sale of JKS merchandise on his official Japanese website in aid of the Japanese earthquake relief efforts have raised funds amounting to 10,126,004 yen.
All proceeds will be donated to the Japan Red Cross.

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar

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[Voting update] 15th GCMA

As of 11 April, 1.18 pm China time

1. Jang Keun Suk 62,220 votes
2. Kim Hyun Joon 27,672 votes
3. Hyun Bin 3,342 votes

Thanks to all the eels who are voting, JKS is leading by a wide, wide margin! And even better news is that I can access the GCMA website during the day today, and hopefully that is the same case for all of you, which means that we can continue voting for JKS!

If we continue to vote, there is no reason why JKS will lose!

For specific instructions on how to vote, please go to this post.

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