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Welcome to this fan blog dedicated to Jang Keun Suk (JKS).
His profile and acting accomplishments can be seen on Wikipedia.

So much more than just a talented actor and singer, JKS touches the hearts of fans just by being who he is – genuine, talented, clever, wise, hardworking, ambitious, frank, sincere, caring, cute, perservering, humorous, fun-loving etc etc – the list goes on! Proudly presenting here a video (credits to Eels Club International, namely Gabby, Sarah Ye, Kailey, Kim Flores and many more) – “Words of Our Prince Keun Suk” that captures the wisdom of our Prince and still brings tears to my eyes.

Hope that this blog can be a platform for all JKS fans to pick up some of his news, to discuss anything about JKS and for JKS fans to get to know one another. Cheers!

欢迎来到 JKS Forever 部落格。这部落格设立的目的是想记录张根硕的点点滴滴,他的活动


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Updated 11 July 2013