[2022-03-30] jksjapan Twitter


\New Album[Blooming] to be released on March 30th/

Finally all of the audio source of the album has been released.
We hope you’ll listen a lot.


#チャン・グンソク #チャングンソク #JangKeunSuk #JKS #グンけゃん #Blooming #時を駆けて

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[2022-03-14] jksjapan Twitter


\New Album[Blooming] will be released on March 30th/

The trailer has just been released!!
In addition, Actor Jang’s message has been released too!

πŸ“Ί https://youtube.com/watch?v=NmO6FhDE1HU

πŸ‘€ https://youtu.be/SSzcvcLhS4s

Which song are you most interested in? 🧐

#チャン・グンソク #チャングンソク #JangKeunSuk #JKS #グンけゃん #Blooming

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[2021-11-20] AGcorp_official Twitter

The membership registration period is extended until next Tuesday (November 23rd 24:00).

Domestic members also can join during this period.

Please relax and enjoy the rest of your weekend.
tenshi_akuma’s note: I heard there were several problems for the registration system, and many eels faced troubles. But it looks ok now. I hope you can make it. Good luck!


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