[Fan’s Work] “Light Of the Moon” a Song Written by an Eel Which Stands for All Jang Keun Suk’s Fans Cross the World

Credit: Audrey Reyes from ECI (the song writer and music composer)

Our talented ECI member Audrey Reyes from Philippine wrote this beautiful song for all eels who travel to see our superstar Jang Keun Suk. She composed the music and also wrote the lyrics. It is a very beautiful song and it does tell the feeling who eels wants to meet Jang Keun Suk no matter where they are. Please enjoy!
(click the link to listen the song) Light of the Moon

This is the thought behind the song when Audrey was making it. It speaks the words from the hearts of us all. “Love is the one thing that transcends time and space.” I’ve always believed so. Without words and without one’s physical presence, love is still felt clearly. This is what I wanted to express through my song. Eels’ love for you is like this. When there are hard times, I hope you’ll always be reminded that love exists everywhere.”

The lyrics of the song:

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[2014-11-05] Crij 3 Weibo

Original Source: JKS_crij3 Weibo

[Photo Exhibition In China] 2014 Jang Keun Suk Birthday Celebration Photo Exhibition in China, earned profit 57955 RMB (close to 10,000 USD), this money will be donated all to Yunnan and Sichuan. Now we are asking for some trustful unit to help proceed the donation, we apologize for the delay of the donation. Even is late, we will try our best to make sure the donation goes to earthquake relief. The audit of the income has been finished, please go to Naver Cafe for reference. http://t.cn/R7QJeoY
[中国写真展] 2014张根硕生日纪念写真展in China门票所得57955元,将全额捐赠云南及四川,现在正在请求安全确实的相关单位进行协助捐赠,对于捐款延迟我们非常抱歉。即使晚了也会尽全力给地震受灾者确实的捐助。 写真展相关的金额已经整理完毕 请至官方cafe里参考

[article] Interview of Talented Eel Eve Yap About Her LINE Sticker Design “Let’s meet Miss Eel”

Eve Yap, a member of ECI, is an eel from Malaysia. She is a talented artist and the designer of popular LINE Sticker “Let’s meet Miss Eel”. She has several of JKS related art works. Her drawing has been chosen for JKS Birthday Photo Exhibition in Seoul. Here is her local media’s interview to her. We are happy her work gets such honour recognition. Congratulations Eve!
She is not only talented but also pretty, she is the one in the first picture wearing red. The highlighted are the words from Eve. Enjoy reading.

Original Source: http://rage.com.my/line-up-for-recognition/
LINE up for recognition
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