[Introduction] Team H members

March 16, 2012 in Interviews, Photos, Team H, Video by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

UPDATE: adding some of their activity videos
As Team H reunited after years of separation according to the latest twitter, I post here to introduce them.

Team H was formed by Hanyang University students. They introduced themselves in the video below. Please check it out! 😉
Every member has a nickname on their T-shirt. Suk has ‘nachesama’ that means ‘Mr. naked’!

Credits: geniusamo

Below is some of their activity videos
Credits: JKSkizuna

Credits: coooxxxx

Credits: missCcsea

Credits: hubs1960

Personally I love this Sukkie soooooooo much… *sigh*

Credits: ystarchannel1

Credits: coooxxxx

Credits: kawaiifrog0216

Credits: ystarchannel1

Credit: Yeu2009

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