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[18 November 2013] About ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’
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[09 June 2012] About ‘Love Rain’
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154 thoughts on “Drama / Movies”

    • that is not nice about talking about yoona what if you was famous and bad at acting and other people start talking about you how will you fell? there famous because thay have talent inside them thay dont need evry thing to be perfict because we are all the same. 🙂

    • Todavia no vi esta novela, pero Jang Keun Suk me encanta!!! es muy natural en su actuacion,
      hace poco que descubri estos dramas koreanos…y quede fascinada, tanto que quiero aprender su idioma.
      soy de argentina, tengo 54 años, asi que he visto bastantes novelas,y ultimamente no me gustaba ninguna, se hacen muy largas y a la larga me aburren.
      me encanta como canta y actua excelente, mi total apoyo en su carrera

      • De acuerdo contigo. Tengo casi 50 y las telenovelas Latinas aburren. Sukkie es un gran actor.

  1. I’m so blessed to love Prince JKS, n for LOVE RAIN..that’s awesome dorama..I hope the other tv station in Indonesia will play it..Coz i love it 🙂 LOVE YOU PRINCE..GO FIGHTING !

  2. I’m so glad I’ve seen it ( LOVE RAIN ) before they gonna air it in our country this 2012…love JKS!!! i know every filipino will love him too!!!

    • LOVE RAIN…… what a beautiful love story…..just wondering why they did not notice JKS performance here… He should won as the male drama best actor…..

      • Love Rain was where i first discovered JKS goodness he got me!!! to play 2 parts, of 2 very different characters and eras wow, how brilliant!!! been following JKS eversince and even though i see other dramas and actors, no one does it quite like him, he is so special and gifted and i know we all love him so. makes me cry, and laugh 🙂 JKS forever.

  3. I wonder if there’s going to be any fan-meeting in Japan for Love Rain like what they did for MMM last August. I’d love to see our LR couple again^^

  4. love rain was a beauty and dream drama but it was nt long story and finished early i wish dear jang keun suk have new drama like love rain for us.

  5. Jang Geun Suk was always a great actor. I expected a great drama and that’s what I got. I watched many things for him, and each one multiple times :D. Jang geun suk has been my idol for 3 years, during which, I looked for news about him and new dramas for him that I could watch and with each drama or movie, great expectations were there. But not once was I let down. So, as a real hard-core fan, as a “eel” I just wanted to thank him for being a great example as he his a great actor. JKS Fighting!!
    love from Egypt <3

  6. Telling you the true ,among all the Korean actor after Wonbin he is the one I admire and appreciate most .His sincereness always show who and what he is .Hard working man who always done his best .Me even now 28 can’t catch any foot steps of his ..I love him and admire him very much .Love rain is the best ever among the movies and drama I have watched this years .I am a bit sorry to know him
    Late but it’s been over two years .however now I can follow whatever things he has done on this blog and thanks to dear admin of Tree J and this blog.Then thanks to myself of curiosity I can look for who is Jang Geun Suk and what kind of boy he is by googling which fill up my blanks about to know him .Not because of media ‘s praise nor people comments .me myself found out what is he and his hearts to people I always love him very much .He cares every single step or single words for people who love him and never hesitate to wash up his disappointment .Well ,good luck to you dear Geun Suk and wishing you the best always .with much love Maria @ Thandar from


  8. well,im not actually a fan of telenovelas(i don’t even watch my own country’s drama series) but my God! i’ve watched love rain for the ‘nth time already…(tnx to kimchiDrama.com)…it was a great love story actually and most of all i fell inlove with the cast,they’re very natural..haha,i never had interests in actors and actresses that much during my youth but JKS you’re very good!i just love you!Godbless and keep up the good work!

  9. Hii..lovE rain is beutifull drama in this years..I hope n waiting your next drama..n jang geun suk is great actor,handsome..hehehe I hope you to be real couple with yoona.I wish u luck..n godbleesing u..love u till death

      • The movie HONG GIL DONG is a hit in Ghana ,I love Love Rain ,and You Are My Pet so what movie next or song . I am a song writer and story writer too,my mum makes it into movies.

  10. I knew JGS just after watched Love Rain, and feel curious about him. then found out that he is a great singer. Now my playlist in cel phone, tab and PC full of his songs….. what a adoreable voice. Always keep on singing my dear…. you are more than other actors, warm…sincere and the way you smile or laugh reaallyyy really like my 12 years old boy. I’m happy to see you smile so freely.

  11. loverain , very gud luvstory with very gud music… especially background music…. action of both male n female rolls r gr8…. umbrella song is best…

  12. Love Rain is a wonderful drama mainly because Jang Keun Suk is the lead actor but the story itself is very good…i really love it….love JKS!!!more pleaseeee….

  13. hi! I’ve watched almost all your movies and kdrama and I’m enjoying every one of them. Such a great, talented, dashing and handsome actor, singer and model rolled into one. Keep smiling!!!! you always look great!!! SARANGHE!!!

  14. Love rain is the best movie I watch in Korean movie…love it I really like Jane gun suk..hope you go in phillipnes to see you in person.

  15. i watch love rain too, its a good movie and i cry a lot…but i prefer park shin hye as he’s couple team they are really natural match and im still waiting for the season 2 of he’s beautiful hope to shoot another season i was so crazy about it that i bought a lot dvd’s for me in order to keep on watching!!!and someday i will show it to my kids and grand children that’s how much i love you…so i hope that you won’t changed..stay as you are we love you because you have a good and loving heart..and i want to let you know that we’re in the same birthday aug.04 .if you PSH pig rabbit,,you can call me sheep rabbit hehehe bcoz i was born in the year of the sheep..,im so happy that you were born in the same month as me i feel so bless i love you….

  16. I’m currently watching LOVE RAIN…for the 4th time in full…and everytime the drama and JKS in particular catches my feelings..
    He really makes me feel the scenes….Superb !!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE RAIN is a real drama, not overdone like a lot of other drama(which are not my really my cup of tea) but just right..masterly done
    My first drama of him is You’re beautiful!! masterly done..
    I have seen almost all of his dramas and films, heard all his songs and saw a lot of shows of him already, he captured me from the beginning and continues to mesmerize me. He is that kind of artist, that kind of man.
    Love the twinkles in his eyes and his adorable, sincere smile which have not change overtime from since he…he was born.
    He is great, a genius, intelligent, high in IQ and EQ…versitile a real cameleon, love his Rock, love his Pop and even I’m twice his age I even love his Team H sound. LOVE IT ALL
    Like I told my daughter seems I love a bit of a rebel..someone who knows his talents & mind and not affraid of a challenge..
    Suppose JKS is someone who becomes more courageous when challenged and provoked..
    Hope he will keep on acting and singing more and more so we get to enjoy his talents and merits.
    He’s really really handsome in a rainbow colour way…and simply love his voice…like his looks it got a wide range…
    After I’ve learn so much about him…Just love him…and happy to be his fan..
    ZIKZIN; all the way from the Netherlands <3

    • It is so late to leave a reply on this comment. But there are so many things that I relate to in it.

      I am also older than our beloved Prince, though not twice his age, but still totally understand his music and love his dramas and films.

      I also believe that he is highly intelligent with high IQ and I admire his lifestyle including the way he conducts his career and his private life.

      The first time I noticed him was through his brilliant acting, he was charming and fantastic. But now I am a greater fan of his music. His voice, the way he delivers the lyrics and melodies he chooses are just what I want and love.

      I wish him very best in life. I am very happy to be his fan too.

  17. For the past few days, i was able to watch some of JKS drama and movie. From You’re My Pet which i think he’s refreshing to Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do. Rewatching Mary Stayed Out All night and falling in love with Taekyung in You’re Beautiful. I even checked on Hol Di Gong to see him in Saguek.. i so love JKS and hoping he’ll be able to read this. Much love from a fan here in the Philippines.

    • Hi, I just watched Budapest diary recently.
      Cool solo movie with serene budapest view. Btw, you can watch it via youtube.

      JKS..looking forward for your great act!
      Liebe Gruesse von Bali!

  18. I watched love rain for nth number of times, both yoona and our mighty prince acted well in fact JKS was excellent as the arrogant guy, then the lovesick one and the nice in love guy <3

  19. Heya! I have been watching Korean Drama Series and I would say that this is the best Korean drama series I’ve ever seen 🙂

    I am really grateful to the staff and casts especially to the director – it is definitely a good story or true love 🙂 — now at episode 16 🙂

  20. I stumbled on Love Rain on Hulu Plus about a month ago. I fell head over heals for young In Ha. The episode on the beach completely melted my heart. Then, when we met Joon I was a little turned off initially, I mean he was an arrogant, troubled, mess of a man caught between two worlds. My hatred for Joon sparked my love for JKS and I grew to love what he was doing with this character. I didn’t realize, until after research that he played both the man I loved and the one I hated…THAT’s good acting. Then I spun into looking up his other projects and discovered his music. I love Crazy Crazy Crazy, Abracadabra, Let me Cry, Stay, Love Rain and What is your name made me laugh, so it’s a huge favorite. Then I looked up with dramas and discovered Mary Stayed out all night….Wi Mary was so adorable and I could relate to her in so many ways, so the whole story was fun for me. JKS is at his best at the end of the drama when everything is forgiven…he’s just totally cute. Next I’ll watch You’re Beautiful…when is he doing another Dram?!

    ~Huge Fan near Washington DC, USA

    • I’m so amused reading how you discovered JKS, how I can relate to your story. I discovered him when I was still in New York City, while struggling in my very stressful work. Somebody recommended me that I should watch Heartstrings also at Hulu Plus. While watching that drama I read some comments about how great was Sukkie’s acting in You’re Beautiful as a bossy leader and started watching You’re Beautiful and eventually had fallen for Hwang Taek Yung, and watched all the rest of his movies and drama at that time. Since then my journey of searching anything about JKS began and when I found this blog, the more I was trapped of his charm. And the more I was in love in his performance in Love Rain, and my roommate kept on laughing why I watched the live streaming of Love Rain even if there was no subtitle available. To this date I lost count how many times I watched Love Rain. Hope you also watched Itaewon Murder and The Happy Life. JKS is a chameleon actor.

      • Hahaha…we are all eels in his trap..but such gloreous place to be ….
        Have you also watch Beethoven virus, Hong GilDong and his premier work Hwang Yin Ji…most eels stuck at tenth ep..for his acting is intense…just heartbreaking

      • I agree with all of you guys! Now I know that I am not the only one who turned to be addicted to JGS! lolz… we are just few of his so many fans out there that really like him in his every inch!
        I fell for him even more when I watched his documentary film! oh my! you can’t help but adore him, his talents!, his genuine personality and more!

        Now patiently waiting for his upcoming drama- “Pretty Man/ Beautiful Man” 🙂

      • Hi Mamacri… just so funny I backread again this post and found a lot of comments during Love Rain time. Yes I watched Hwang Jin Hyi, it was a well crafted drama and Ha Ji Won is really an excellent actress, But so after En Ho died, I stopped watching kkk. Of course I watched the from starting to finish in Hong Gil Dong & Beethoven Virus. Hopefully Suk would choose already his next drama. I lost count already rewatching YAB, LR and Pretty Man.

  21. I am a huge JKS fan. I just finished watching Love Rain last night. And I didn’t want it to end. After I post this message I will watch Love Rain’s ending again. First time I saw JKS was in You’re Beautiful. He just captured my heart & attention. Ever since then I watched almost all of his dramas except for nonstop 4. I hope he will star in another drama this year. That’s why I waited this long to watch Love Rain because JKS didn’t have a drama after this project. I am patiently waiting for the next one. Fighting JKS forever!!!

  22. Love Rain is a very nice drama, in Nicaragua, Central America really like JKS and Yoona good job, we did mourn many, many feelings afloat hopefully work together again.

  23. I just got done watching Love Rain. It was really good. I love all of Sukkies work so far. Have seen You’re Beautiful, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Baby and Me, and You’re My Pet. My favorite is You’re My Pet. I want a pet just like him. I love watching all of his interviews too, because he has such a shining personality. He is brighter than the stars in the sky!!

    • Connie, have a happy journey to get to know Sukkie’s personality through interviews and BTS.. that is how many of us discover him beyond his talents of acting and singing… you can see the Video Link on top right corner of this blog of many other interviews which our eel sisters like Ivy, Kaori chan and Sarah have translated to Eng, enjoy!

  24. Nan sarangae pajyeo ne… Keun Suk …What a talented you are… I fell in love with you in You’re beautiful and love you more in Love Rain…so great acted and so sweet of song… I even learn to sing your song “Love Rain…”…Wish you will come to Indonesia… You have many eel here… Can’t wait to see your acting again… Acha acha…gomawooooo… To be a such great actor and singer… Keeping create a wonderful film and song… With love from Indonesia…

  25. Geun suk is the best Korean actor for me.. i used to like lee min ho before but JKS is incomparable to him.. Geun suk oppa is complete package.. I was fall to him when i watch his You’re beautiful with shin hye, i love their tandem.. Oppa sukkie caught my heart with his killer smile and manly voice.. 🙂

    • I used to like lee min ho too! But youre right! JkS is way more talented and cute. I am a fan just recently and ive been posting good comments about pretty man the reviews i have read are not objective in my opinion. I just dont get it. Its disappointing that there are no new dramas for him this 2015. I hope they just give him a break. Hes doing well in Japan tho. Im following @jksjapan 🙂

  26. love rain is a very nice drama.I’ve watchd it so many times.gud job jang geun suk.hope you to have a drama again w/park shin hye and jung yong hwa.And hope you to come here in philippines,i am your #1 fan.haistt,hope to see you asia pop prince.ingat.haisst

    • riazel, we just have some eels’ gathering here that even when Suk goes to Philippines, we will go to Philippines too from SG and I know many eels from Asia will do so that ^_^
      here is a vid of Sukkie in SG during 2011.. many eels from Asia comes here as I was there too. When I went Shenzhen Cri show in 2012, I met a Russian eel who went to the Cri show 2 also.. everywhere we went, we made new eel friends from around the world ^_^

  27. Here are my favorite scences is that they are kisses each other…they cry for each other…it really romance scences…Love Rain is pretty good drama… I really join the love Rain drama….please come to United States….

  28. I really love this drama. And I think this is the most challenging for Suk to portray dual roles distinctly from each other. And I lost count how many times I watched it. I’m so happy that this will be made into a movie…really AWESOME!

  29. i really like “Love Rain” very much!!and i watched twice already still want to watched it again and again. Love you JKS very much!!

  30. I just started watching it but definitely i like it! not just because im a fan of JGS, merely because it’s nice!- contrary to the comments of others that it was boring! Well, I didn’t find it that way!

    JGS always portrays his role very well and no one can’t deny it!
    Im excited to finish the series and to watch all over JGS! 🙂

  31. Love rain my best koreaen movie hav watch it twice. Even u are beatiful is intreastin currently watching it the third times. Jks u ar 1 in a million.

  32. Am i the only one, who thinks love rain 1970 was the best/first 5 episodes???? Jang Keun Suk is the best actor in the whole world and he is very handsome also 🙂

      • What country are you coming? I’m from finland, but i’m half filipina. I’m very new fan of prince JKS… And he is ADORABLE!!! <3

  33. i watched Love rain movie for 10th time yesterday night. i skip all others and just watch the part of JKS. i simply love him to watch.. all the best .. for more movies like Love rain.
    love from Nepal

    • ‘Love Rain’ movie was released in Japan only now. But later it’ll be released in other countries. Please wait for a while till it’s available in your country.

      • hey..can i ask..what ringtone did jang geun suk used in their phone on this drama..i really want know.tell me please

    • I’m fall for JKS charm while watching You’re beautiful.His acting was great there and his voice very amazing. Try to know who’s this boy I’m serching all over the web that related to him.. and surprise with so many thing he can do… singing , dancing even concert planner for his show. I’m watching Hong gil dong and completely mesmerize by his beautiful appearence, and continue with Marry stayed out all night, Beethoven Virus,Baby and I, Doremifasolatido Love Rain, You are my pet, and the case of Itaewon homicide. I’m event watching all of his interview and talk show : Knee Drop to guru and JKS happy camp in china, those show was very entertaining because of him. His so complete and charming with amazing talent. Since I was teen, I always love so many hollywood actors but never fall n mesmerize like Watching Jang Keun Suk singing and acting. thanks JKS for being you. Wish U happy and Healthy as always and continue bring us “The Great Show”

      • You are a real certified eel hahaha…I have seen all you mention too…multiple times lol…have you seen one missed call, the owl museum, the happy life and the longest 24 months and ofcourse Hwang yin ji……no matter what..never get bored to watch his work and interviews again and again..he is so engaging

  34. I’ve been a fan of JKS since I watched him for the first time in Baby and I! I’ve watched all of his dramas over and over, except for Love Rain. This is my first time watching it! I haven’t been disappointed by any of his dramas so far, despite the so-called low ratings his dramas have had! I have no idea why!? ALL JKS dramas I’ve watched are awesome! JKS keep acting and singing, you are my fave Korean Actor. TY DramaFever for subtitles and letting me understand what’s going on in my dramas! ^_^

  35. i was curious if JKS would ever perform in the USA? would he ever join in a tour with BIGBANG, OR SUPERJUNIOR? wondering if i would ever get the chance to see him in concert or dj performance here in the states??

    love from the USA

    • Doubt he will join in a tour with others (the big companies; he will work with independant artists or artists from more liberal artist agencies/management sometimes…
      And yes you will have a chance to see him in the near futrue..He said he made a promise and he is sure to keep it; he is a man of his words…so concert(s) in the USA will happen sooner or later..The Team H parties last year are not cancelled but postponed…

      It’s save to say it’s a sure thing the big companies are not waiting to further JKS in his accomplisments.
      Eels don’t have dreams about that….if you know JKS’s history you will understand
      You will maybe see some of the artists from big companies acting with him but that is because it’s a project beyound their control and ofcourse…it does not hurt their artists to be paired up with JKS for he has a lot of international appeal..

  36. I recently watched ‘love rain’ and this is my 2nd time watching this drama. I like ”love rain’ very much (both story line and the performers). But I felt sad when I saw the article saying that jks is unpopular in korea. Koreans said jks has strange fashion style and hairdo. I think jks hairstyle is perfect match for him. Earpiercing too. He has diff fashion style and haircut unlike other Kdrama actors. His style is his attraction and why some ppl want to change him? Anyway, I like jks so much and always longing forward his dramas and activities and new hairdo. 🙂

    • Hi Ku Kuu,

      I love Love Rain too & do not understand the Koreans neither 🙂 If you have not yet watched Sukkie’s other dramas, I highly recommend them. He is a terrific actor!

      Welcome, if you are new here!

  37. I watched ‘love rain’, not once, thrice and I like this drama v much(both story line and the performers). I searched about love rain on net. I was v sad when I saw the articles talking about jks that he is not very popular in korea. The koreans don’t like him for the reason of his fashion style and hairdo. I want to ask them ‘Why???’ I think his style is perfect match for him. He has good looks with his hairdo and earpiercing. He is unique and he has diff taste of fashion unlike other kdrama actors. His style is his attraction. Why some ppl don’t get it and want to change him? JKS is the best k-drama actor for me.

  38. Hmmm,dis drama….LOVE RAIN is d best….dis is d 11th time am watchin it,I love it so much is a @ touchin film…JKS u’re d best.am happy to b among one of ur fans…you are my favourite korean actor.jang guem suk you’re d best…oppa fighting….love from Nigeria…

  39. Hi….I am from India. I watched this drama and its very nice. JKS acting and singing skills are very nice. You look fab in the violet shirt which you wore during the In-ha and Youn-Hee photo shoot.

  40. Prior to watching the Pretty Man series, i did not read any reviews for it so i did not have any pre conceived notions about it. I thought that Jang Keun Suk’s acting was really good- he has this way of owning the character he portrays-adding something as simple as mannerisms that i think turns the role into an actual person with “character” and it makes the experience of watching him unique, every time in every drama he’s in.

    I did not find the storyline at all shallow like what the reviews online says. Finding out that, that is how the Korean netizens thought of this drama was really surprising. I guess there is difference in expectations between Filipino and Korean drama lovers. The plot for me, is not flat and obvious– it is not just focused on the cute and cuddly, rich guy-poor girl scenario like other Korean series i have seen. Rather, it tackles the harshness of a cut throat world that all of us experiences every day in one way or another: Having a boss who does nothing, having the ambition to be successful, using connections unfairly to be successful,friends who betray you for their own gain, saying sorry, the beauty of motherhood, unconditional love, hopelessly falling in love, failing as parents, gossip among peers, manipulation, that every person has a weakness, how some people tend to exploit those weaknesses, etc. It covers a wide scope of realities and it is in fact anything but shallow.

    Ma Te’s character development was interesting to watch. As the story unfolds, you’ll see that there were moments when he showed shame and guilt for how he was in the beginning. From being Yoo Ra’s pawn who was told to gain wisdom from the women he encounters and use it for their planned revenge, in the end he used this learnings to redeem the soulless narcissist that he was. Even his intellect grew as his character matured. The turning point i guess would be when Jaek hee dumped him when he was told that she loved her money more than him, he got a dose of his own medicine but he just did not realize it at the time and so the stuck up person that he is will continue to be such for the next women he encounters but gradually you will notice the change.

    The role reversal was most evident when towards the middle of the story, he became the spoiled rich kid’s (Kwi Ji) oppa and in the succeeding women after that, he was the one teaching them a thing or two about life–ultimately teaching the main antagonist, Na Hong Ran acceptance and forgiveness.

    The thing i did not like is that, given that it is such a complex story, other scenes felt rushed and passive viewers might have failed to see their significance. The story, for 16 episodes could have bee compressed more effectively so that the other main leads can shine as well. They also could have taken out the scenes such as the kidnapping which for me is a failed attempt of throwing in suspense . The other two lead roles, Bo Tong and Team Leader Choi, felt like they were there as just background for the events unfolding. And it was established pretty early on that the romance between Bo Tong and Choi Joon Ha is one-sided so there was no feeling of wanting to cheer for either Joon Ha or Ma Te . Due to this, there was no real conflict between the two male leads.

    Bo Tong, for some reason was also not given the chance to be a proper love interest. I would have loved to watch their characters as much as Ma Te and Yoo Ra.

    Overall it was still a series worth watching though i would not categorize it as a romance story like his previous kdramas. If there is anything this failed at, i think that it failed to be romantic and maybe that’s one of the reasons for the loss of viewership.

    But I also think that it did not deserve the bashing it got online and its low ratings. I just started getting into catching the Korean fever and if its even worth anything anymore, im still posting this comment/review for JKS because despite the brilliance i have observed in his acting, other blogs just see him as superficial and getting away with his roles by just “smiling his cat smile” and being cute. That’s really a low blow and I think him leaning more into his Japanese fan-base now is in my opinion, him keeping his pride and dignity because some of his fellow Koreans are just out there bashing him and making judgments for his supposed “lack of” sense in choosing his roles. That is why I really hope that he will be received well in his upcoming 3 meals a day appearance this January. I know i am one year late but I liked Pretty Man so go JKS! fighting!

  41. Hello there. I admire you a lot and I am one of your fan. I just want to know when will you visit Philippines? Hope to see you soon. -sam 🙂

  42. Love rain & YAB r the best drama ever.The director, actors, songs, locations, story of LR all are perfect… JKS can do anything. Love u.

  43. Prince is the best person on the earth. His voice is really amazing. The expressions he gives in each n every scene of LR r excellent. No actor can do this like my prince. A great actor, great singer with a great smile, great eels n great heart. Keep going. Also watched YAB, Baby and i, u r my pet, do re mi fa so la ti do, budapest diary. JKS is excellent in everything. No one can dare to dream the success n talent that u have. U deserve lot more dramas n movies. I really fell for u after watching u as Tae kyung. Love u till death. Plz shine like this always. Thanku tenshi sis for this blog. From the past 6 months my day starts with this blog. I learnt a lot about u. Thanku sukkie for coming in my life. Thanku for being an inspiration. U r really a present for all the hardships i have endured in my 21 yrs of life. I have more to endure. So b like this as u r now. Love u. ZIKZIN… Thanku 2 all the eels. U r the best fans in this world. Love 2 read all ur comments.

  44. Hi! I am a new fan from Philippines. JKS dramas were shown here in Philippines last 2009 and 2010. But I was so busy with my studies that time that i have no time to watch TV. But now, i am watching korean series online and the first JKS drama i have watched is You’re beautiful. I find JKS so cute there. I fell in love and start watching his other dramas. Every drama, i see his other sides and how good an actor and a musician he is.. Still watching his series now and every morning when i wake up, the good vibes is still there. I am so inlove with him and i will be following him forever! 🙂 I hope he’ll visit Philippines someday! I would love to see him in person!!!

  45. The first time I’ve seen JKS and Yoona in Love Rain series…though quite delayed… I was really moved out by the scenes, I cried, I laugh and I could not help myself to view it over and over again… Love you JKS and Yoona….

  46. Hi my name Is Elvana im from Albania… I become fan of JKS this month when i saw for first time Korean Drama LOVE RAIN and i falled in love with the way he act , i have to say for first time i have seen a actor that is not onely a good looking but very talented .. Im not saying he is not beautifule in fact he is so sexy and with the most beautiful smile i ever seen… and the way he sing i just love it…i love his style to is different and i love more him because he knows how to be there for his fans and showing his love to them …. like i say before i falled in love with the way he acting, and this made me to watch in 2 weeks 4 of his dramas starting with LOVE RAIN , then Mary Stayed Out All Night , You’re Beautiful ,Pretty Man and 2 movies Baby and me and You’re My Pet . i wnant really to be part of this group and to be a eels , because i really really love JKS even in my phone i have like wallpaper photos of JKS, i only listen his music ..

    • the person tires to be a person that tires there best on the show was crazy but i like it , about the person that try to make new friends to haung out some one will be cool ,just do your best ,

  47. hi jang geun suk
    you look so great on the show because you can be smart and stronger then anyone will like you as a friends ,and you look great ,

  48. jang keung suk
    maybe you shoulds take your time to sing the song was good it not to bad at all .you can write on the song to take your time. and maybe some one will like your song it were be good it a promise to any one will bye the song for ever . i like your song was good. and you look so great on the picture was amazing on you for ever .i want to say hi to you….

  49. Já assisti todos os dramas com jks varias vezes,adoro tudo que ele faz,ele é um excelente cantor,ator,diretor é maravilhoso em tudo que faz eu amo Jks.


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