[05.11.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

This is the ad to celebrate “Jang Keun Suk’s 20th anniversary of his debut” that Japanese eels placed?
RT @JKS_run_run: 일본 장어가 ‘장근석 데뷔 20주년 축하’ 광고가 이것?


This is the photo of celebration ad for “Jang Keun Suk’s 20th anniversary of his debut” that Japanese eels placed on Sports Seoul.
RT @soillu 오늘 일본 장어분이 스포츠 서울 닷컴에 하신 ‘장근석 데뷔 20주년 축하’ 광고 사진.

tenshi_akuma’s note: If you access the website of Sports Seoul from Nov. 5th at 11:00am to 6th at 11:00am, and from Nov. 12th at 12:00am to 13th at 12:00am (Korean local time), you can see this special ad on the top right corner. Please access the page. Don’t forget to access the site from PC.

14 thoughts on “[05.11.2012] Tree-J staff twitter”

  1. wow, another amazing work of Japanese eels!!! ♥♥♥
    hope to see the ad on Nov 12. ^_^

    btw, Tenshi, what time zone is it? “Nov. 12th at 12:00am to 13th at 12:00”

  2. Thank you Tenshi,i was very sad today because I cant access the FB page of ECI for thirteen hours now,i am counting the time for use my laptop,but this new made feel better.

    • What happened Sis?You can private message Farina if you can’t really access the page, maybe u accidentally delete or remove your direct link to ECI page, she can help u ..*_*

  3. They did a wonderful gift to Sukki. I like the idea and I love pic that chose them, Sukki looks like an angel and god … I love this pic and gift, he looks so super handsome, cute and adorable.
    thanks eels of japan!…thanks!

  4. Charlotte,thanks for worry about me,i was answering a message to Ivy and they said,your message not sent,so I push the button a lot and now the shortcut dont work in the phone,but worked in the laptop,but during the day I cant acces the pond,only in the nigh in the laptop,because they said the password is wrong,QQeyes told me how to fix it, I tried,but they sent a code to my email related to the account that its blocked too,because they said the pasword is wrong too,so I cant saw the code,i sent a message to them and I am wating for the answer,but this days I missed the pond a lot during the day,i loved when in the left on my phone screen appeared an f ( the logo of FB) for told me I haved a message or someone like my comments or mentioned me,its frustrating,so I count the time for the night to come to visit the pond,i am addict to the pond too? The answer is Yesssss.


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