[poems] Fan Written Poems about Jang Keun Suk and Eels by ECI Member

These are two beautiful poems written by our ECI member Shanice Newsome

Srpingsuk_USA’s note: As I said, Jang Keun Suk has inspired so many eels and let their talents blossom so well. The first one “Eels United”, I love the word “united”, is one of my favorite word. Since in this world, no matter what we, human beings from anywhere, any culture, any religion, any color of skin, we should be united, nature is what we should protect and fight for survive on earth, we shouldn’t fight with each other. “United” lets us to show respect to each other, “united” lets us learn how to compromise to each other, “united” teaches us to learn what is more important. Is so nice to see that eels united together, since when we united, we are stronger!

At Cri Show in Shenzhen Oct 27, eels united gave Prince J a pure white world!!!

EELS United

As we all gather around
We await the arrival of our star
We stand strong
We never back down
We are finally together as one
It took us sometime to get where we are
But we never gave up
And nothing will tear us apart
We are beautiful people
In many shapes and sizes
In many nations and colors
This is who we are
And our journey has just begun
No matter what happens
We will all be together
Our prince waits at the end of the road
To show us a world we have never known
O how amazing our prince is
He brought us together
Now we stand hand in hand
His love is so precious
We may shed a tear
Just know that as long as we cheer
He will always be here

By: Shanice Newsome

Jang Geun Suk

I really love your style and the way you rock the crowd
You have made many hearts skip a beat
When I look into your eyes they are filled with excitement
When I hear you voice I feel your pain
Many may not understand you
Some may resent you
But at the end of the day
You are you
No one can change that
You are strong
You are smart
You are the most talented man I know
Loving others is your specialty
Caring for others come from the heart
When you close your eyes
You think about what you have gained
When you awake
You hear the storms roaring through the night
Look up at the sky as the moon shines bright
Your mind has been cleared and the rain has stopped
Take a look in the mirror and see yourself
Everything seems so clear.
As the time goes by
The sun starts to shine
And all of your pain had been washed away.
It’s a new day now it’s time to unwind
Everyone is happy and your fans start to sing
They are filled with laughter
They love the new you
Now you must decide what is the next thing you do

By: Shanice Newsome

24 thoughts on “[poems] Fan Written Poems about Jang Keun Suk and Eels by ECI Member”

    • Thank you so much for like my poems. This really means a lot to me and it is really an honor to have my poems posted for the world to see. I am very blessed and thank the Lord for blessing me each day.

  1. Shanice dear you’re a real poet inspired by our PRINCE..keep doing what you’re doing and know that your eel sisters admire you πŸ™‚
    thanks for sharing sarah!

  2. …Thanks Shanice for sharing such a wonderful poem…like the part ‘you are you’…you just confirmed how the eels accepted him no matter who or what he is at…such talented a eel, God bless you sis!

    thanks to Tenshi also for resharing…love you sis!

  3. ‘O how amazing our prince is..’

    And how amazing eels too, always support him with all their fan art, with their commitment to love him.

    Great work Shanice…:)

  4. Shanice, thank you so much for such a beautiful poem to us eels and to our Prince JKS. You have a wonderful talent to describe how we feel about us and our love for our Prince. <3

  5. Shanice: thank you for sharing this beautiful poem of which I’m sure will touch the hearts of all your readers. I can feel the words coming from your heart. I’m sure prince JKS will be inspired as all who read this poem will. ” Now you must decide what is the next thing you do”. Don’t we all need to…..
    What a precious message from within a beautiful poem? Keep writing words from your heart that come to mind, you are gifted. God Bless U !!!

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