4 thoughts on “[Pics] Mitsui Sumitomo Card Press Conference_20121113 (1)”

  1. Tenshi! Thanks a lot…I miss him so much! So handsome…and I specially like the glow in his eyes. But he seemed to gain weight? And has double chain? Anyway its so nice to see his recent photos

    • I think the press conference was held in the afternoon… so I think his face was just swollen, not because of having put weight. But his hair has become longer…

  2. amazing pic. thanks. really…mmm…I love Sukkie’s card♥…he looks so handsome with suit….interesting!!!…tree + ♥ + raindrop + pink = “A”?! :)..(2º coincidence?-?!). ….mmmm…. :))

    1º coincidence: “A”‘s favorite japanese word is “KIZUNA” (12/05/28) and Sukki’s stamp for 20th anniversary celebration have printed the word “KIZUNA” (12/08/20)…ooh!..interesting!..love is close ♥♥.

    Now, I’m listening “bushker busker – cherry blossom ending”, why, Sukki was singing “cherry blossom by bushkee bushkern” while works shooting for “magazinne – An.An”.
    remember???????!…I do known.

    my favorite lyric’s part of song “bushker bushker – cherry blossom ending”, are:

    “Today, let’s walk together on this street
    I hold hands with you, whom I didn’t know
    As we walk together with this unknown trembling
    You, now let’s hold hands on this street
    How is this love song
    I hold hands with you, whom I love
    As we walk together on this unknown street
    As the spring wind blows
    The scattering cherry blossom petals

    I keep seeing you”.

    *3* ____Today, it’s raining..yeah!…CONGRATULATION SUKKIE-JJANG!…ZIKZIN ♥


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