[Pic] ECI banner for 2022 the 10th Jang Keun Suk Birthday Sharing Photo Exhibition

Thank you always our friend Eve Yap for making our unique banner!
The concept ‘STAR’ was as follows. ‘Even if we can’t see each other in person, we can feel close looking up at the sky. JKS is our shining star, and each eel is also a shining star. We’re living under the same sky, and thinking of each other, wishing our happiness and reunion after everything turns out alright.’ Eve visualized the concept perfectly and beautifully.

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[Notice] We’ve changed our posting policies of photos and videos JKS shared on SNS

To promote Jang Keun Suk’s official Instagram, Twitter and etc, we have decided to change our posting policies of photos and videos JKS and JKS official shared on SNS. We will not post the copies of photos and videos on our blog anymore. Instead, we will post the links of his official SNS channels to promote them and increase the number of visitors. However, we will post photos and videos he shared in his Instagram stories only after we cannot access them. We hope you will understand this change. Thank you.

[Notice] Sending him off event over the internet #eelswillwaitforJKS

Credit: Eve Yap and Eels’ Club International (ECI)
Thank you again Eve Yap for this beautiful piece of work, and allowing us to use it as eels come together to send our Suk to MS and our promises to him that we will wait for him. Join us on all social media platforms on 15 July at midnight KST and run until 16 July midnight KST to send our wishes and promises to him. Please use hashag #eelswillwaitforJKS when you tweet or post. Feel free to use this picture in your support messages to him via tweets/IG etc.

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[Video] ECI (Eels’ Club International) Rice wreathes for SBS ‘Switch’ press conference_20180328

Credit: @dreamecokr Twitter

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[Rice Wreaths] JKS’ dream goes on as his transformation changes the world

Finally I managed to post the detailed our rice wreath banner here. Sorry for my late update… but I think many of you have already seen it in some fan-cams or media photos. Ta-da! You can finally see the close-ups! Thanks ECI eels who contributed to ‘Switch’ support. We could send 1ton rice this year again.
Your dream goes on
as your transformation
changes the world…

This is our message to Jang Keun Suk for his first drama after 2 years interval.

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[Notice] About the registration for ECI (Eels’ Club International) membership for the year 2017!

We are pleased to announce that ECI will open its membership registration for the year 2017! We’re sorry to have kept you waiting for so long this year as we are really busy these days… but we’re really happy now to get ready to accept new members 🙂

Because of our Prince, we are blessed to find friends in one another regardless of which country we are from.
Eels’ Club International (ECI) is a closed, private group on Facebook, established on 16 November 2011. Founded by Farina as a social platform for eels to interact, get to know more friends and basically have fun, ECI has grown to a membership strength of 749 members from 80 countries currently (as of August 15th, 2017).

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[Video & pics] ‘Daebak’ coffee truck support from Eels’ Club International (ECI) and jangkeunsukforever.com

As CRI-J tweeted, finally our turn has come to support coffee truck at ‘Daebak’ filming site on May 28th, 2016. As the design, we used again our talented eel friend, Eve Yap’s impressive Dae Gil image that was used for rice wreaths on ‘Daebak’ press conference to remind JKS of our support. Plus… we made a special video that shows our continual and endless support toward Jang Keun Suk. This blog started in 2011 and ECI, our fan community also started in November of the same year. So we made a compilation video that shows our history and journey walking along with JKS. ECI 2016 application ends on May 31st, if you’re interested in joining ECI, please don’t forget applying by the closing date. Let’s keep supporting JKS forever ❤

ECI 2012-2016 Journey with JKS [Daebak Coffee Truck Support 28-05-2016]
tenshi_akuma’s note: special thanks to Pei for editing this video 🙂

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[Rice Wreaths] Light and shadow… JKS’ unyielding spirit changes the world, Daebak!

Well, I don’t know where to start about our rice wreath project this time…
We’ve sent rice wreaths several times before on his press conferences and events, but above all, this one will be the most memorable for us. We really appreciate all eels who joined and support the donation. Especially, I want to thank our admins and a talented eel, Eve Yap who drew this impressive ‘Dae Gil’ JKS on the banner… We’re really happy to have you, Eve.

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[Report] ‘Daebak’ video ad by JKS international fan clubs at Seoul station

We ECI(Eels’ Club International) and jangkeunsukforever.com are happy to join ‘Daebak’ video ad at Seoul station, one of Seoul’s busiest stations! The ad has started running since March 14th, and continues running for 30 days, 18 hours from 6am till midnight. We hope this ad will draw many Koreans to promote the drama 🙂

Credit: queen of laughter

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