[2023-09-20] CRAFT_42_official Twitter

[Shocking] The reality of Jang Keun-suk’s autograph event turned the center of Gangnam upside down?! | #I am Jang Keun Suk EP24 https://youtu.be/1DShdco9Ut8?feature=shared

#장근석 #JangKeunSuk #장근석유튜브

[충격] 강남 한복판을 뒤집어 놓은 장근석 사인회의 실체?! | #나는장근석 EP24 https://youtu.be/1DShdco9Ut8?feature=shared –

#장근석 #JangKeunSuk #장근석유튜브

[2023-09-18] CRI-J Twitter

Actor Jang! Happy birthday (birthday on August 4th of the lunar calendar)!!
The 2023 Sharing Photo Exhibition ends at 3pm today.
Thank you to all the eels who donated through ticket purchases, those who donated through organizations, and those who attended!
(Receipt of fan art and winning picture frames begins at 3pm!)

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