[07.11.2012] Tree-J staff & Director twitter

Keun Suk came and left…. Of course, no pictures kkk
근석이 왔다갔네….물론 사진은 없고 ㅋㅋㅋ

Keun Suk is in good condition **
근석씨는 건강합니다**

That’s why I haven’t searched by ㅇㅇ for a while, but just because I woke up too early today, I searched harshly, then found. hara hara hahahahaha Now what I feel once again is “Don’t compare, and go to your own way~” But it’s very hard to be tolerant. The people who are hurt mentally, never mind.
이래서 ㅇㅇ을 넣고 검색하는거 한동안 안했는데, 괜히 일찍 깨서 엄하게 검색하고나서 하라하라하하하하하 다시한번 느끼는거, 비교하지말고, 내 길로~ 대인배는 역시< 마음다친 사람들은 twitter_1243
tenshi_akuma’s note: pic’s word means “I support you.”

For eels who are really doing your best, I’ll give you Prince’s rocking dancing video as a present ^^ Special appearance, Mr. Chikubi. kk Actor Jang Keun Suk and eels~! Fighting today!
열라 달리고 있는 장어분들에게 프린스의 흔들 춤추는 영상 선물을^^ 특별출연 치쿠비상까지 ㅋㅋ 배우 장근석과 장어분들~! 오늘 하루도 화이팅! http://t.co/tm1KdsXM

Lotte Magazine arrived at office today. I found myself wearing a yellow cardigan in it >_< I was holding a camera as if it were a kid...
오늘 사무실에 도착한 롯데매거진 노랑 가디건 입고 있는 나 발견 >_< 메라를 애 마냥 안고... twitter_1244

27 thoughts on “[07.11.2012] Tree-J staff & Director twitter”

  1. He is so quiet these days. But even though there is no news, we know that he is working hard. The next event is Saitama concert? Guess there won’t be news till then.

      • ya..i never vote for him.this time i really want to do something for him. let make him no.1.eels are crazy..

      • Hi! We need more reinforcement hahaahah… Sukkie is ahead for abour 4% but as of now the percentage is dropping and its already a one on one competation… hope you can go there so the increase of the votes could correspond to the votes of the other.

    • yes Daryl i’ve been busy voting these past days and i hardly visit this blog and fell guilty about it 🙁
      now that our PRINCE is leading i can stopby for awhile..but i’ll vote again right after i updated myself in here 🙂

  2. Hi!…

    My translate:

    당신을 = You
    ” ♥ ” = ( symbol of “Love or heart” )
    응원합니다 = will cheer / will cheer for
    두근, 두근 (dugeun, dugeun) = thump, thump….( heart palpitations).

    I think that Sukkie’s heart goes thump thump because he fell in love, now they must be together!. :). Sukkie will be so happy to be with his special person.


    from Italy.

  3. …wow! the first pic was from love rain right?….yeah we miss our Prince so much hope he is working fine…GOD BLESS YOU PRINCE!!!!

  4. He is like us.. sometimes.., may be he hasn’t desire to share anything, may be for some reason, or just want do nothing, or he has something new so he forgets for a while the virtual world … Or he trying us to be more patient…

    Gud luck and Gud nite Mr. Keun Suk!!!

    • yess sis Daryl Lade…keep voting… we need to maintain the gap and make it farther as possible…..we can not let LMH go closer on the distance…

      …calling all eels here… Mam Anne Monteiro where art thou? …Peruvian eels Help! lets vote…thanks!


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