HS Media press conference video 1

Credits: VietnamEels
Shared by: number1eels

Thanks, number1eels, that’s super fast and even faster than the Chinese eels this time ^^
I can only put up the English subtitled one tonight i.e. give me 12 hours or so….

[GCMA] Lounge H performance video!!

Credits: Aphrael77

JKS’ performance is simply stunning!
The rain didn’t stop him from giving his best as always, and it added a wild element to his performance!

This is going to be my favourite video, and definitely the first full-length one I have of a Lounge H song 🙂
Great night, great performance – the only regret is that it’s not enough!
Looking forward to JKS’ FM (with Lounge H song included) in Singapore next Saturday!

[Video] 15th GCMA green carpet

Video / subtitles: Aphrael77

Erm…. if there’s anything not satisfactory about the video, it’s due to the poor skills of the photographer i.e. me.
I over-zoomed slightly and my TV is wide-screen, so I couldn’t find him when he went off to the side. My camera can do zooming in the midst of video, but I panicked and didn’t know why I cannot zoom out too….. Whew!

Basically, watching the green carpet is very exciting because there are lots of other celebrities, and more exciting because I was waiting with bated breath for JKS! His performance will be coming up later!

[14 Apr 2011] JKS at Chengdu Airport

JKS at Chengdu Airport, posted with vodpod

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar

JKS looks absolutely cool!

On an unrelated note, for tonight’s 15th Global Chinese Music Awards, I have done a test run but found out that after I compressed my video from over 300 MB to 160 MB (as .bik file which I don’t know if Youtube accepts), it still takes donkey’s years to upload. If anyone knows how to compress a video file for quicker upload to Youtube, please teach me!

For another cool pic,

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