[article] First release of “Feel the Beat” MV: consecutive 30 hour filming

Source: www.people.com.cn
English translation: Aphrael


Recently, Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk revealed a series of H Films on Weibo, appealing to fans to “run quickly” to greet the coming of Team H China Year. JKS who is singing in Chinese for the first time received fans’ compliments upon the release of the song. Initially JKS was very worried about the Chinese lyrics, but at gaining the confirmation from Chinese fans, he expressed his happiness. Having had good results, JKS has never stopped his pursuit of the music he loves. JKS’ Greater China agent company HS Media, in strategic collaboration with Ocean Butterfly Music, announces the album’s digital release on 20 Feb 2013 and the physical album “I just wanna have fun” on 27 Feb in the whole of Asia.

JKS turns into “Wild MV Man” and challenges the extreme in language for new album

Actor JKS says of the MV filming for the preparation of this Korean album, “Very interesting. Although I started work from young, I had not filmed MV until I was 21 years old. Now I film MV once a month, and six MVs in this year!”

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[News] JKS performs in Shanghai on 16 March: ornate style of new album revealed

Source: NetEasy Entertainment
Date: 17 Feb 2013
English translation: Aphrael

Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk is about to release his first official Korean album “I just wanna have fun”, and since the beginning of the new year 2013, his new songs have been released. After the rising popularity of the first single “What is your name”, the second song “Feel the Beat” in which JKS sang in Chinese for the first time will be released today. Recently, JKS released a few performance videos on Weibo to call out to fans to “run quickly” to welcome the coming Team H’s China year.

JKS ordered pizza for team to keep warm and challenged Chinese lyrics for Chinese fans

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