[28 Apr 2011] Channel V interview

Video & English subtitles: Aphrael77

I missed out about a minute at the beginning about the emcee talking about his trip to Korea and his impression of Jang Keun Suk.
And I thought I heard the emcee say that they will be airing more news about “Marry me Mary” often (or did he say something like the interview will be shown in parts almost every day?? I wouldn’t have time to rush home every day to record!)

4 thoughts on “[28 Apr 2011] Channel V interview”

  1. Thanks a bunch Aphrael, really appreciate what you did…
    i could imagine you rush to home to record those, and doing translation in a quick time..it must be very hard….
    i could only say thanks to you for any fast update that you provide…
    your updates were indeed makes us happy & feel energy towards the day…

  2. i totally love this page 🙂
    YES, i want you LOL…
    OMGE his laugh was so cute hehe….
    thanks for uploading it for us 🙂


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