[22 Apr 2011] JKS at Changi airport


Having had no experience in chasing stars at airports, I thought I was late when I reached Changi airport at 10.15am, but it turned out I was way too early and no one else was there. Apparently Singapore is different from China.

Then I met up with friend SY, we had time to get lunch too. A couple of hours prior to JKS’ arrival time, Changi airport staff had already set up metal barricades such that it formed a path to the exit, so we knew we were at the right spot, and we took up different strategic positions behind the barricades in order to get videos with different view.

Then Rongling joined me (the first time we met up ^^ ). I noticed a white car outside the exit, and thought that it would be JKS’ transport, which turned out to be right. Rongling and I took turns to go out and take photos of the white, long limousine, and joked that his car was so obvious that it would be visible to spot on the road. After that, it was back to waiting again.

Jang Keun Suk’s flight landed at 2.20 pm.

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[CF] Nature Republic video 2

Credits: phonzzi

————————— Translated message —————————

“Japanese friends, hello, I am Jang Keun Suk. I like Nature Republic products very much, they are also popular in Korea. Please try the products, you’ll be satisfied.”

————————— END —————————

Chinese translation: Sukbar

张根硕贴吧官方微博:【槿爱SUKの视频】【0421】“日本的朋友们。大家好,我是张根硕。我非常喜欢Nature Republic的商品,在韩国也很有人气,大家一定要试一试哦,一定会满意的”

Download full-length MV and BTS videos

Credits and special thanks to Sukkieno1

OMG, the English-subtitled MV is wonderful!!! And it comes with all the behind-the-scenes videos too!!
Erm, if you want to keep the MV for your own appreciation …. go and download it from the mediafire website!!!

Engsub+kara Full MV Let me cry + BTS:


link online: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xib9ep_engsub-kara-let-me-cry-bonus-bts-vietnameels_shortfilms

enjoy eels:x

[Video] Behind-the-scenes at Easy magazine photo shoot

Credits: sky93122

If the video does not load, please follow this link to the Youtube page.

In every single shot, JKS’ facial expression and how his eyes look are so different – he’s truly a perfect model!

I think the photo shoot was done on 15 April night after the GCMA. He had to work late into the night!

HS Media conference – part 4

Credits: VietnamEels
English subtitles: Aphrael77

Some of these video resolutions are not good, but we’ve seen pretty pics of JKS, so the more important thing here is to understand what JKS said at the press conference ^^