[MV] “Hello Hello” official version

Credits: KeunSukChina

OMG !!!!! I love this cute, light-hearted song from “Marry me Mary”!
And the official version is out! I love JKS, I love Kang Mu-gyul !!!

These few weeks have been so full of JKS news and goodies!!
Keep them coming!

10 thoughts on “[MV] “Hello Hello” official version”

  1. I reslly miss mu gyul now..waah..i hope he’s gonna bring MGY in his next show as a guest.. :3

    Thanksfor sharing aphrael! 🙂

      • haha..she looks so embarassing there…but she’s still cute…
        and during the KBS awards when both JKS and MGY was chosen as the best couple the emcee asked for sample of mary’s dance moves,.. with a little bit shyness MGY still did the dance move..
        and i think also JKS did sing…

  2. Aphrael, thanks so much for sharing this MV…. I really love this song. I like JKS best when he plays the guitar (or any other musical instrument)…. he looks so so great and cool 🙂


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