13 thoughts on “JKS on Hey Hey Hey [English subtitles]”

  1. woow,,,
    i like what he said “its all right because i am everyone’s PRINCE”
    then he laughs..
    love the way he laughs..
    and one more thing he said “i like you” to the japanese fans with “flying kiss”..

  2. I love the hosts Matsumoto and Hanada they’re kinda crazy lol is there another part where he talks with them? (Haven’t checked the previously posted video) Cause I know it would be funny; YAB surely made a great impression in Japan because they keep rebringing it though it’s 2 years old (can’t blame them, it’s just awesome!!).

    Aphrael I got a question though, I heard there was an airing of a YAB movie in Japan, have you heard about it? What is it about? I’m jealous of japanese people!

  3. He mentioned about You’re my pet, didn’t he? do you think it will start soon? I heard that the shooting location (Ibaraki?) is devastated by the 2nd earthquake.
    How soon will the series be made then?

    • Hi-cri,
      I live in Ibaraki, Japan.
      I heard that they will be shooting here around August, and the shooting has been already started in Korea.

      Ibaraki is a very interesting place.
      Here is famous for not only full of beautiful nature, but a leader of the cutting edge of space and robot engineering.

      I hope after the release of the movie many eels visit Ibaraki!!

  4. The special version of YAB edited for about 2 hours is going to be shown at the movie theater. It is available only 2 weeks, from May 6 to May 19.
    I’m so interested in how it is edited shorter.
    Of course, I’m looking forward to seeing the A.N.JELL live in a big screen ^^

    • Tks for yr valuable info! Was wondering the same, whether YAB 2hrs will be a totally new remake or edited from the original. Japanese fans are SO LUCKY!!!


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