[Video] Smiles & Hearts ❤ ❤ ❤ at Singapore CRI Show 2011

Credits: Sh0rtiZzZ
Shared by: QQeyes007

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Thanks, QQeyes007, this video would be 100% wonderful if not for all the hands and cameras that were in the way >< Her video editing skill is really professional too! ^^ Those of us who attended the Singapore Cri Show and feel down after comparing it to Hong Kong Cri Show really need our Prince's smile to reassure us that it is the difference in the venue capability and function, and that our Prince always gives his best in his performance. Of course, with a better stage and bigger crowd, the atmosphere would be better too.... The drawback in a bigger performance venue also means that JKS turns out to be a smaller figure on stage and you can hardly see his real person except on the big screen..... Sukkie, we just miss you, that's all.... ^^

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  1. Totally agree with you Aphrael!! We need Sukkie’s smile to make us happy!
    Feeling so lousy after seeing the HK pics…. *poutz*

  2. I think the differences between each country is depends how good &well the local organiser arranged. So HK organiser is really good.mayb they hv lots of experiences. They know what d eels want…so envy. If next yr on again, why not go HK….feel like a concert instead of FM

  3. aphrael77, really I feel very proud of u & the rest of those S’pore eel fans who performed the “Just Drag” dance with lettuce, so touching.. and why I come into this blog to share is also because I really love your dedication to spend time and effort for all the translation for eels despite you’re also a working adult…salute & cheer to you!!! ^_^

      • just watched the clip! very nice and yes, very very proud of the sg eel’s lettuce dance! to me this lettuce dance is definitely worth so much more than any ipad 2 (oops ahem) 😛

      • Gingercake – absolutely agree with you! The lettuce dance performed by the Sg eels is something money couldn’t buy.
        And it’s something so memorable and special! It’s priceless!!!
        I told my husband HK gave him an ipad2 during the FM, and guess what he replied! Hahaha!
        ‘Don’t tell me JKS couldn’t afford an iPad2 himself? Is an ipad2 more special or the ONE & ONLY lettuce dance is more special?’
        Hehehe! Even my husband thinks this way! (^_*)

  4. Do you notice that in S’pore Cri-show, his voice sounded so warm in English (w/o translation & despite his cold) when he asked do we miss him & also he mentioned about he has eaten Hainanese chicken rice that day? (like someone close saying this to you…)
    I find the venue may be small but very cosy…just like his FM in Seoul (homeground) which may not be grand, he talks and jokes alot in Korean language…like someone close chatting with you…very different feeling really.

  5. Was at the Spore FM too & also tracked his entire presence here.
    Maybe JKS wd like to say its the residue of a cold ,maybe we’d like to say its d organiser’s oversight or lack of sight( foresight,hindsight whatever) ,maybe we’d even want to take the blame for the smallness of our very dynamic country .Many people even celebs forget that size is no measure for quality of fan support & how well-behaved & decently behaved everyone was.
    My take on it? You can call me meticulous or petty but i think JKS cd have been more giving of himself ..more of his endearing ‘from-the heart’ cheekiness ,more of his usual showering of flying kisses etc etc ( i cd say more but those there know what i mean)
    I envy the hongkongers …they really experience the real essence of JKS in all his let-go-give-it-all glory! We can only hope that ,next year ,we’d get what d bigger countries get out of him! Many will beg to differ fr this opinion but its just my 2 cents worth.

  6. as long as you were able to see him in person right? 🙂 its all that matters, as for the rest of us, we can only die of jealousy lol

  7. Hi guys,

    for those of you feeling down because the HK FM seemed more lights, action and fanfare, take heart:

    1) the venue may be large and more concert equipped and I do agree that ours (SP FM) seemed more no frills and on a shoestring budget. However, we got to SEE Keun Suk (at least those who paid prime dollars) precisely because of the cosy venue. I think even if one were to pay top dollars for the HK FM, one would probably not see him as close up as us because the HK stage is huge. What’s the use of paying for VIP simply to spend most of one’s time staring at the mega screens? We want to see him in real life and in as close proximity as possible – we succeeded in doing just that!

    2) minus the lazer displays, bright lights and band, we got to see and hear Keun Suk in his truest form. He has to put in so much more effort and really project his performances on stage to move his audience (us). We were moved, weren’t we?

    3) It is afterall a Fan Meeting and NOT Concert per se. If it is a concert we are expecting then we need to compare with those of Jacky Cheung, Show Luo, Rain, Gosh Groban et al. In these concerts, there are bands, dancers, moving stages, frequent changes of costumes etc and the venue is so huge that even for the best seats in the house, I doubt one could see the performer any greater than an ant. So the SP FM fits the FM concept aptly. The only thing perhaps is that there could have been more “original” questions posed during the interview and more interactions between Keun Suk and the audience. Organisers could have let the fans pen questions for him to be answered randomly. We want to know more about Keun Suk, in particular gain insights into how he thinks, reacts in various situations and his various likes and dislikes – ie his personality.

    4) finally, I think Keun Suk appreciates ALL his fans and supporters. He probably much prefers that his fans love and support (ie buys) all his works and recognise his creative output. At the same time not be too aggressive, not touch him physically and forcefully and show respect for his need for personal space and privacy. We only need to do just that and we would be his best fans/supporters ever! Other things (like bus ads, ipad2 etc) are quite immaterial. Singapore as a country and fans here should leave a positive and favourable imprint in Keun Suk’s mind.

  8. There are signs that he reads the sites dedicated to him so whatever objective criticisms I give and whatever favorable aplomb others lavish on him ,I’m sure will be appreciated by him. I hope it also means thathe’ll read & do something wt d organisers.
    So the ultimate aim is for the dear JKS to better himself ,next year ,for the equally loving & equally giving & hardworking fans here in Spore.

    • Just add on one more constructive suggestion, suk sld take more good care of health and voice (read: dun overdo on the clubbing which was the reason why suk was down with cold, according to Jason) esp just before a big event like fm. afterall he does hv an obligation to Put up a good show to his (paying) fans, But I suppose his win in china’s gcma was too happy an event & sukkie is ultimately still a youngster of 23 lah, clubbing is normal I guess, but I would hv expected his managers to b there to guide/curb him from overdoing…hence I was a teeny wee bit disappointed suk was ill due to over clubbing…*dun
      throw lettuce at me, eels! :p*

      Another suggestion is maybe he cld hv spoken more English? His is s bit bias on my part as I do know tat is not his native language, but I’m just comparing his effort at speaking English whivh seemed more for 2010 fm vs 2011.

      • If you recall, he performed at the CMA and it was RAINING on him. Given the difference in temperature, weather and frequent flying, that could have brought down his resistance and caught the cold. I don’t particularly think it’s the clubbing. As Ivy has already spoken earlier, his drinking is NOT excessive. Being in the entertainment business, its quite impossible to find ANY artiste who does not drink. At times it is also necessary to be at ease with his managing company, organisers and sponsors in the foreign country, particularly when he is planning to enter the Chinese market in a big way. I mean if they invite, could he say no?

  9. totally agree that I like an FM more with questions and interactions from fans rather than all singing. 🙂 it shows a glimpse of who JKS really is. That was what I was hoping for in SG Fm, was quite disappointed that the interviews were short but that’s how it goes. .. singing and talking is the best! the best thing in SG FM is that we were able to see him closer! It might not be that party-ish but what I wanted to do then was just to stare at him on the stage. 🙂

  10. Thanks for sharing this video! It totally made my day 😀
    His smile is to die for. hehehehe! 😀
    anyway, regarding the comparison between sg fm and hk ones, i was at the sg fm (singapore eels here!) and i do agree with some here, that maybe they should extend the interview session. 😀
    initially, after looking at the videos and pictures from hk fm, i do feel that theirs seems more interesting than in sg. but afterall, those who go to fanmeets get to see him right? (though not upclose but get to feel and see his performances) so theres nothing to lose and its all worthwhile.
    though i may feel imbalance but yeah, seeing his smiles in the pictures and vids make me forget abt these. and he did his best despite having a cold when he’s in sg, and now i heard that he is still feeling sick, no?
    alright, thats my point of view. 🙂 thanks for reading, and thanks to those who contribute to this site. lots of information here!


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