[16.08.2011] Sina and twitter messages

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【110816 Sina】

JKS: The memory of the 12th birthday party… Because the microphone is inside of the headphone, I was supposed to use it to talk, but I was almost ate it….by mistake…
12차 생일파티의 기억.. 마이크가 헤드폰안에 들어있어서 저기다 말해야하는데 저거 먹을뻔했어…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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[15.08.2011] Twitter and Sina on YMP filming in Cheonggye-cheon

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【110815 TREE-J twitter】
JKS: I also have fans!!! But where did sisters get the news from, very curious cri ….

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[14.08.2011] Twitter and Sina messages

Chinese subs: Sukbar / KeunSukChina


【110814 Sina】

JKS: Haven’t seen Rain for 10 years~~ Today, Busan is going to be hot~
10년만에 만난 레인!! 오늘 또 부산뒤집어지나요~

【110814 tree j twitter】

JKS: Haven’t met Rain for 10 years? Rain’s concert in Busan!! Eels, see whether you can find me! Hahaha
10年没见了?rain演唱会 in 釜山!!鳗鱼们啊 看看能不能找到我!哈哈哈哈

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[12.08.2011] JKS @ Sina

Chinese subs by Sukbar
10:58 hrs:
Chinese eels, I have finally come to Weibo!!!! Like it!!!
중국장어들아 드디어 웨이보의 세계에 내가 왔다!!!!! 닥찬하라!!!!!!!!
中国鳗鱼们啊 我终于来微博了!!!!热赞吧!!!

10: 59 hrs:

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