[20.8.2011] Sina Weibo messages

Updated: 20 Aug, 10.40 pm

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What am I painting here~~~~~~~~~?kkkk
여기서 내가 그린게 뭐~~~~~~게?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Jason who insist on coming here to play has just arrived~hope everything goes well~
执意要说要来玩 才刚到的jason。。。。希望一切顺利。。。。
그저 놀겠다는 집념하나로 방금도착한 제이슨…..잘 됐으면 좋겠어요….

Eels, be careful of Jason kkkk
장어들아 제이슨 조심 ㄲㄲㄲㄲ

ya ya ya ya should be delicious~!
냥냥냥냥 맛있겠다~!

Riding my eels to all over the world, gogo!!!!
@张根硕:장어타고 세계로 꼬고!!!!!!

Tell you a secret … the advertisements you all know is just the tip of the iceberg …. ho ho ho there are several contracts … this now ….
告诉你们一个秘密。。。你们知道的广告代言只是冰山一角。。。厚厚厚 合约有好几个哦 这个现在 咻~~~~
비밀하나 알려주지…너님들이 알고 있는 광고는 빙산의 일각이지롱…후후후 계약서가 몇장이야 이거지금 휴~~~~

20 thoughts on “[20.8.2011] Sina Weibo messages”

    • looks like it is a gift from Japanese eels… I don’t think he carries this all the way from Korea.. OMG.. EELs, luckily Sukkie is not so heavy or else we will be crushed!!! ^_^ I was also wonder what he is trying to convey on the board.. cute drawing, I can see Manager Kim, Manager “anxious”, Jason and Sukkie? (in skirt?) and the lady, his PA? very cute drawing…this 24 yr old matured man sometimes like little boy lol….

    • He’s exactly like a cute little boy, especially the eel-riding pic … XD
      i also want a ‘balloon’ eels to play with XD

  1. Hi gals, I’m back from NR FM now. Look forward to my FA.
    I also cried tonight…(T_T) He was really awesome!

  2. Hi gals… my weibo account facing problem logging in… it was ok when i jus setup.. i managed to get thru.. and even become his fan in the weibo.. bt recently when i tried to login, the webpg prompted error asking for hp no… and i re-try for new passwd several times… but once successful in the passwd change, the webpg still prmpt me for a hp no. :(((((

  3. waaah!! he’s just toooo cute to handle!!! :3 the eels who gave him the gift are soooo lucky! 😀 cute cute oppa! cute cute Prince!

  4. Hahaha he drew Jason with big tummy!
    Cute little boy drawing on the board..
    The eel is exactly the one hung on his entrance office wall during opening ceremony

  5. JKS oppa you so so so so so cute.
    i love you loads and will marry you soon wait for me ok until i become independent and prettier ;P

  6. These pictures must have been taken at the waiting room of NR FM. He appeared on the stage wearing the pinstriped suit. He looked so handsome and melt me instantly…


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