[19.08.2011] Twitter and Sina

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[Tree-J twitter]

Uncles …. please don’t dislike me because of my flying kisses ㅠㅠ I want to go on that programme… the problem is … how can I wake up in the morning – – ..
(翻译:颖)大叔们…不要因为我的飞吻而讨厌我哦ㅠㅠ 我想上那个节目…..问题是…早上怎么起得来 ㅡㅡ..

[Tree-J twitter]

Eels …. I … plan to further my studies … You all cannot see me for the time being … Sorry ….

(翻译:颖)鳗鱼们啊 。。我。。打算去留学。。你们暂时看不到我了。。对不。。起

[Sina Weibo]

I’ve just heard the news,Life is so noble and lofty,however she disregarded her own safety and lost her life for saving other people. mourning for her death and pray for her~

KSC translated message to JKS:
There was a girl called Ren Zhen Na Me, she was an eel just like us, but now she is no longer one of us because she sacrificed herself when she rescued a drowning child. As her favorite star, we hope you could give her your blessing. Thanks!

@张根硕 식을 이제서야 들었습니다 인간의 생명은 참으로 고귀하고 숭고합니다 그럼에도 불구하고 자신보다 타인을 위해 노력하다 목숨을 잃은 그녀를 애도합니다ㅡ부디 그녀의 명복을 빕니다..


[Tree-J twitter]

Er hahahaha Seniors, accept my kisses! 5555555 Don’t play home run~~ kk!!!
(* “home run” means to do it oneself)
呃哈哈哈哈哈哈哈 前辈们 都来接受我的飞吻吧! 5555555 不要总是玩 home run~~KK 笑笑 !!!!(翻译:小蘑 p.s. home run是本垒打的意思,在这里应该是不要自己来)


[Tree-J twitter]

I’m in Japan, why do Kimura-kun and Shingo-kun not give me a call? Brothers don’t like me? Cry cry~ SMAP brothers, best wishes for your concert success in China, cheers! Photo is taken yesterday at Budokan.

:【110819 tree-j推特】(翻译:v、仙鳗)我来日本了,木村君和香取君怎么不给我来电话呢?哥哥们不喜欢我嘛?呜呜~ smap哥哥们 祝你们在中国演出成功哦,加油!照片是昨天武道馆公演时拍的。

6 thoughts on “[19.08.2011] Twitter and Sina”

  1. Emm just want to share, i heard the news, there was the earthquake in Japan a couple hours ago.i’m worry about Suk and you guys in Japan. hope all are alright.

    • aumii, thanks for your concern. We are all OK. I’m in Ibaraki and some earthquakes have occurred recently. I’m also worried how Sukkie felt when he experienced it. In Tokyo the earth tremor was small, so he might not feel it.

  2. aphrael, I think I should explain what Sukkie twitted a little because there were some misunderstanding about it.

    1)Uncles …. please don’t dislike me…
    They don’t dislike him.Rather, they love him. They said that they wanted to imitate how to wear sunglasses. The guys have admitted how cool Sukkie was since before.

    2)Eels …. I … plan to further my studies …
    Sukkie didn’t explain whether it was joke or not, but I understood his intention instantly when I clicked the attached link.
    Did you get it? I think I was the first eel that I replied his twitter correctly…
    I got his message as a joke because the site he linked was a Korean dictionary site which shows “Fish” words. So like a fishing site, I fell in Sukkie’s trap easily.

    3)Er hahahaha Seniors, accept my kisses!…
    It’s true that the host is jealous of Sukkie’s popularity, so he said he would hit a flying kiss back like a batter.

  3. I’m so glad that we have international team here to help translate, Korean, Japanese and Chinese etc.. so let eels in the world keep update and communicate with Sukkie. Thanks!
    Seems there were lots of twitter posts just past a few hours when I was sleep. Yes, Sukkie like to joke and make fun, so sometimes you won’t really understand what he was trying to say on twitter, but it’s fun and we always love to hear anything from him. He is playful person and I think this a very good way to release his full schedule workload, is kind of healthy to keep him up. Sukkie fighting!

  4. Hi everybody 🙂
    I am very new with this but i’ve been reading this blog for a few months now….
    I agree with sukkiefanNC there are a lot of twitter post in a short span of time 🙂

  5. oh that makes more sense!! thanks kaori-chan.. with the studies though, i read he was just joking, he meant its Momo that needs to go away for studies on the movie YMP ..


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