[16.08.2011] Sina and twitter messages

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【110816 Sina】

JKS: The memory of the 12th birthday party… Because the microphone is inside of the headphone, I was supposed to use it to talk, but I was almost ate it….by mistake…
12차 생일파티의 기억.. 마이크가 헤드폰안에 들어있어서 저기다 말해야하는데 저거 먹을뻔했어…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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【110816 Sina】

JKS: Ah – After the 14th birthday party finished, ,my body finally refused to work…I took some medicine and ate mum’s kimchi soup, which I haven’t had for a long time. Family is so important when I don’t feel well. gulp,gulp,yumm~ But….Kurt is calling in.
흐규 ㅡ 14차 생일파티까지 마치고 몸이 드디어 고장나기 시작함 영양제 맞고 몇달만에 엄마 김치찌게 허겁지겁 먹었다.. 아플땐 왜이리 가족이 든든한지..후루룩쩝쩝..근데…………..커트에게 전화오기시작


【110816 TREE-J twitter】

JKS: Sunni Jang! Listen to me! You’re not a person! I am your master, you are my pet!! You better look after this pouch carefully!!
장수니! 잘 듣도록! 너는 사람이 아니다! 나는 주인이고 너는 펫이야!! 호빵맨 가방 잘 챙기도록!! By근석


【110816 BB twitter】

Kurt: This child has started Twitter ~ cockroach-like Cha Ye Ryeon!!!!!! It’s this child~ settled… she says she’s like a cat!
이 아이가 트위터를 시작했답니다 사마귀닮은 차예련!!!!!! 이아이에요 혼났어……..고양이 닮은 차예련이래…


【110816 Cha Ye Ryeon’s twitter】

Cha Ye Ryeon: An old friend not seen for a long time – Keun Suk! Don’t feel vexed even after chatting for one whole day, haha. Really happy to have such a group of friends. Photo as proof, haha
(翻译:颖)好久不见的朋友~随心所欲的聊一整天也不会觉得烦 呵呵 有这样一帮朋友真幸福 印证照 呵呵
랜만에 만난 오랜친구~근삼!^^뭔가 맘편하게 하루종일 수다삼매경에도 지루할틈없다ㅎㅎ서로기댈수있는 친구가있다는게 행복하다^^인증샷~~ㅋ

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  1. Health is above everything. I’m so relieved to know Sukkie got a checkup before coming to Japan! 🙂 He will come today, so just thinking of meeting him tomorrow makes my heart begin to beat fast from this morning… I’m not confident to stay calm during work hours today… 🙁

    • Tenshi you feel extremaly excited right..?? im happy for you can see our prince again,take your time,enjoy your day for tomorrow.. ^o^ and i’ll be wait for your fan account.. 🙂
      anyway if im not wrong that yesterday SUK leave from gempo at 9.00 and would be arrived at haneda at 11.05 jpn time. Tenshi are you gonna see him at haneda??

  2. when i read his “order” to sunni jang….i was lol….so..cute..and sunni seems to understand what he said…so..cute.so glad that somehow he have the time to catch up with old friends…

  3. That pot of kimchi makes me crave for kimchi stew. Will cook it one of these days for break of fast…maybe make bibimbap too…


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