[12.08.2011] JKS @ Sina

Chinese subs by Sukbar
10:58 hrs:
Chinese eels, I have finally come to Weibo!!!! Like it!!!
중국장어들아 드디어 웨이보의 세계에 내가 왔다!!!!! 닥찬하라!!!!!!!!
中国鳗鱼们啊 我终于来微博了!!!!热赞吧!!!

10: 59 hrs:
Here I am!!! Is there ice cream?
내가 왔다고!!!!!!!! 삥찌링 요마???


12:17 hrs:
Why are there only 27,000 fans following me!?? Ah… so, JKS is not popular in China. Other artistes have nearly one million… I am so unpopular …. no … popularity …
나 왜 팔로워 27000밖에 없어!?? 아..장근석 중국에서 인기없구나..그런거구나…다른연예인들은 100만명 가까이던데..난 인기가 없구나…인기가……없…

13:55 hrs:
Seems like I am not popular in China … not even 100,000 …. ah …. sad ….
난 중국에서는 인기가 없나봐 .. 아직 10만도 안되네…. 아…슬프네…

14:00 hrs:
Why am I not popular …. what am I going to do on my birthday … not popular in China ….
왜 인기가 없을까…. 생일이면 뭐해.. 중국에서 인기도 없는데…..


14:04 hrs:
What? Our JKS has no popularity in China? Really? Not even 100,000 fans?
뭐라구요? 우리 근석오빠가 중국에서 인기가 없다구요? 그게 사실이에요? 팔로워가 10만도 안된다구요??


14:33 hrs:
I’m not famous in china.. And jason is dislike me…

14:45 hrs:
Jason….贪欲 (greediness) …… Why you hate me…. And why i don’t have chinese eels…

14:52 hrs:
으하하하하하 hahahahahahaha!!! I’m the world best! The prince of the world!!! I love my chinese eels Kisskiss


14:57 hrs:
Jason..show me your respect..


15:25 hrs:
Yeah~~I’m the best


10 thoughts on “[12.08.2011] JKS @ Sina”

  1. Our dear Prince has been having much fun on Sina (Weibo) today …. hahaha …. didn’t expect that he has such high expectations or under such stress to have a high following of fans on Sina… I certainly didn’t expect him to post so many messages!!!

    …. but really, I think JKS is really very clever. By doing this today, he has effectively got his message (and presence on Sina) across to fans who are on Sina.

    Anyway, Prince, welcome to Sina!

  2. Yes, followers over 170k, more and more coming I’m sure. I love he is been active on that, hope he will be post more on weibo.


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