[15.08.2011] Twitter and Sina on YMP filming in Cheonggye-cheon

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【110815 TREE-J twitter】
JKS: I also have fans!!! But where did sisters get the news from, very curious cri ….


【110815 TREE-J twitter】
JKS: Ow ow ow!!! My popularity is high, popularity is high!! Ow ow ow!!


KSC on Sina:
JKS personally arranged the snacks, came over slowly, ahhhhhhhh, one full box of snacks for the fans (who were there the whole day/night to watch the filming). There are fruits, chocolates and other little snacks. AHHHHHH, so excited and heartwarming
[KSC前线大爆炸]根硕亲自整理零食,并缓缓走下来,啊啊啊啊啊啊满满一箱零食犒劳前线亲,有水果盘,巧克力组合和其他小零食,啊啊啊啊啊,激动啊 ,热血沸腾


20 thoughts on “[15.08.2011] Twitter and Sina on YMP filming in Cheonggye-cheon”

  1. The dear boy!!

    Not only does he think about the welfare of fans, he shows it through his actions too! Really, I’ve only heard of fans preparing food for their idol, rarely is there any star who puts together food for his fans (coffee the last time for fans at the overnight queue for Codes Combine autograph session …. and his first fan-meeting in Seoul when he also personally prepared food)….

    Even more rare is his genuine concern and affection for fans …. how is it possible not to love the dear boy!! 🙂

  2. yet again , sukkie always manages to make me smile from the bottom of my heart even when I’m so upset. If I were in their shoes I would keep the plastic bag of snack as a token.

    • omg, this Asia Tour movie is really a big bonus for eels. Even right now there is only Japanese sub, but is like you are with him for the tour in 2010, 10 parts total. He even showed his suitcase, his underwear pack…. Get a drink and enjoy this! Really! He is such a character. I really feel whoever he ended up with in life in the future will never be bored.

  3. I’m happy and relieved to see the shooting of YMP has been continued ^^ But I still don’t know if he’ll shoot it in Ibaraki or not.

  4. awe…how can you not love this guy???? makes me adore him more and more….but really… his concerns for others and his eels really touched my heart … love him ..

  5. Thanks, Aphrael!

    His deeds are so heartwarming, and so touching that one small snack given to one fan means a BIG hug to each eel around the world.
    There’s always a new reason to love him more each day!!! 🙂

  6. Sukkie, definitely you have fans ….. a lot more from all over the world !!

    Your charm and character that make us love you soooo much :))

    • Sukkie ! u can witness how many fans u have & your popularity thru the SDA Facebook voting…….. eels vote day & nite for you FIGHTHING !! Another less than 2 hours closing …

      daydreaming, crazyoverJKS & me already like kungfu pandas ….. with panda eyes hahaha

  7. hi =) i’ve been participating in this site but not yet introduced myself properly (sorry, sorry)..

    i’m ione, a Filipino eel, who started following jks since YAB. I really, really appreciate this website for being so warm to all eels. =)

    ..eels, I have visited Korea.com page in facebook and noted the following:

    All voting for SDA 2011 has been closed on 12:00PM(at noon) KST (GMT+09:00).
    Best Korean Actor
    Jang Keun Suk 1st (312441 votes)
    Park Yoo Chun
    2nd (298236 votes)
    kang Ji Hwan
    3rd (18097 votes)
    Song Seung Heon
    4th (8396 votes)
    Hyun Bin
    5th (3315 votes)

    Best Korean Drama Series Marry Me, Mary
    1st (147765 votes)
    Sungkyunkwan Scandal
    2nd (111306 votes)
    My Princess
    3rd (5431 votes)
    Secret Garden
    4th (2754 votes)
    Dream High
    5th (1357 votes)

    Best Theme Song My Bus! 1st (150942 votes)

    Will this be the final tally? Or just for facebook account?..

  8. What a guy???!!!! He really touches one heart – his charm, sincerity, warmth, smile
    and everything captured the eels mind and soul.
    Being called Prince Of Asia is what he really is.
    Sukkie your eels will always be on your side regardless of sunshine, rain or storm,
    we will always protect you.

  9. He is so so so sweet. We need not find any reasons to love him, he actually showed the reasons to us through his action. I really have never heard of an idol who did so much for his fans. He never take us for granted. I really wish I am there to witness his good heart. I am glad that i end up being an eel 🙂 However, even that we are not there, it doesn’t means that our support for him is any lesser. We are busy clicking the vote button and ends up like a kungfu panda like what Carol said.


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