[17.08.2011] Sina and twitter messages

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[Tree-J twitter]

JKS: I’m coming!!! Eels in Japan!!! Scream~~~~~! say ho~~~~

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[Tree-J twitter]

JKS: Where are the people who’s going to play with me?
跟我一起玩的人呢?BY 根硕


[Tree-J twitter]

JKS: I’m going off~ eels, please don’t call me Father~~ I still have not married~~ ㅋㅋㅋBye!



JKS: To Chinese eels, only want to say something to you here… haha.. I woke up late today… then made my hair in the cafe in airport ….The boss offered me free sandwich and orange juice..kk
@张根硕:중국장어들에게만 얘기해줄게.. 나…..오늘………늦잠자서………. ……………… 공항 커피숍에서 머리 드라이했음…… 그래도 거기 사장님이 샌드위치랑 오렌지쥬스 무료로 주셨음ㅋㅋ

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  1. Hi cherry, this is ione, a filipino eel. Thanks so so much for sharing the video.! Haha! There he goes attempting to shuffle again the moment he arrives! Enjoy, keun-suk!

    • Hi Ione nice to meet you..i read somewhere this afternoon Suk is rehearsing he’s singing My Bus..i’m so excited 4 tomorrow event 🙂


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