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This morning!! Haven’t eaten coco1 curry for a few months!!! Hahaha
今天的早晨!!几个月没吃了的coco1咖喱!!!呵呵呵呵 (翻译:颖)
오늘의 아침이닷!! 몇달만에 먹어버는 coco1카레!!! 흐흐흐흐흐

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10 hours in bed. but still sleepy. ah, it is the performance in budokan today. pls scream all over the world.
무려 10시간이나 잤음에도……. 졸려……. 아맞다 오늘 부도칸 공연이구나 전세계에서 소리질러!!!!!!!!!


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Now it’s very hot in budokan and hard on everyone …. Here comes some benefit …. Jang Keun Suk’s expression practice for new drama Love Rain, haha, crazy, hahaha
现在武道馆很热吧,大家都辛苦了。。。来点福利。。张根硕新剧爱情雨的表情练习呵 啊 疯狂 呵呵呵 (翻译BY酱油猫&lulu)
와 지금 부도칸에서 더운데 다들 고생하고있구나..그렇다면 서비스샷을 주지.. 장근석의 다음 드라마 작품 사랑비 표정연습 ㅋㅋㅋ아 미쳐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ (


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The fragrance in JKS’ resting room at budokan … eels experience it too!! But why am I so sleepy … -_- I’ve already slept 10 hours ㅠ

武道馆张根硕在候机室的香气…鳗鱼们也来感受一下!!只是为什么还这么困…-_- 都睡了10个小时了 ㅜㅠ (翻译发发)
부도칸 장근석 대기실의 향기..장어들도 느껴봐!! 근데 왜 이리 잠이 안깨지…-_-10시간이나 잤는뎀 ㅜㅠ 来源:树公司推特


[Tree-J twitter]

Let’s go together !!!!!
一起走吧!!!!! (翻译:颖)

13 thoughts on “[18.08.2011] Twitter and Sina messages”

  1. Let’s imagine..he’s my boyfriend!! haha who reports every things to his girlfriend kkkk So sweet ahhh Sukkie, you’re the most adorable boy…XOXO!!

  2. Hi hi! So glad I found this blog. Thank you for the fantastic updates. I’m so hooked on to JKS now after watching Marry Me Mary by chance. I saw him on He’s Beautiful before but as Mu-Gyul he totally melted my heart. The more I know about him the more endearing he is. Can I ask why does he call he fans eels? =)

    • JL, welcome to aphrael’s blog!!! ^_^ This is the eel pond & why Sukkie named his fans “eel” is because he likes to eat eel as eel is known to be a food to provide energy.. it is like we are the one giving Sukkie the support & energy to motivate him to move on… also (this is not a reason of why we are called eels) but just coincidently, Sukkie’s parents used to own fish pond during Sukkie’s childhood & so Sukkie used to play around the fish pond & feed the fishes with “baits”..LOL… now the “baits” is also in the form of his latest news every now & then or other forms which made the eels happy & smile…

  3. true..! he’s active in updating the eels ^_^!

    and..does he want the viewers to melt while watching Love Rain with that expression?!

    • Farina, when it comes to sexiness.. Sukkie will be the one LOL.. actually, in China, Japan, Taiwan & HK, Sukkie is known to be “sexy” as most fans feedback this term.. and no macho guy can take this “term” comfortably except Sukkie.. and also, I notice in these countries, Sukkie’s superb acting is the one the charm few generations of ladies and Sukkie’s dream is to hold a script till the end… so during the voting, many Chinese eels put their heart & soul voting for him in “best actor” category & put less emphasis on most popular star.. that is a change in strategy & most ignore other voting like “most handsome” or “hot” etc.. ^_^ (so please forgive eel like me who selectively vote for award which he can be most comfortable & proud of…same for me.. I’m most proud to see him getting best actor award or most popular actor award.. hope he can get honorary actor award in near future..)

      • well said ^_^ sukkie is the best Asian actor! and soon I know I will hear the news of him being one of the best actors in the world!
        Go sukkie! we are here to support ^0^

      • Sharing here a vid on TV program in Korea in Jan this year featuring Sukkie & his charm.. sorry it is in Chinese sub but I will give a rough summary here.. Even in Korea, Sukkie’s charm is in his acting skill & many recognised his multi-talent like in this vid, a famous veteran Korean singer commented Sukkie has a good voice even he is not a professional singer then & also, a Taiwanese or Korean fan feedback Sukkie is sexy & most like his slim & slender build (even in Japan..actually me too ^_^.. funny & not sure why may be it is more down to earth…). The vid also shows Sukkie’s last asia tour in Seoul which Sukkie talked to his eels about his childhood.. his mum’s dream when she was pregnant with him.. she dreamt of trees with fruits & this is a good omen & was told that the child is going to be a talented child & popular in future… and lastly..Sukkie finally shared with his eels that he actually was given the scripts for a few dramas (see the screen behind on those dramas) beginning of last year but he turned all down.. and many of eels guess those roles are not challenging for him or he has not come across the right one until MMM last year which he took on even the script is not complete as he love the role of rock singer Muygul with much freedom (he took on this drama & manage concurrently with the original scheduled 4 cities tour in Japan last Nov 2010.. 2hrs of sleep daily.. I always remember his toughest period last year)

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