ELT PV Interview Part 3

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar @ Youku
Subtitles by Aphrael77

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[News] Singapore (22 – 23 Apr 2011) – 1st stop in Asia Tour!

Good news for fans! Korean “flower-pretty” boy Jang Keun Suk, at the invitation of Colored Rhythms, will arrive in Singapore on 22 April and hold a “JKS Asia Fans Meeting” on 23 April.

According to news, the fan-meeting will be held at a venue that can accommodate more than 1,300 people. Besides using songs and dance to attract fans, JKS will also hold a small-scale autograph session to allow fans the opportunity to take a photograph together with him.

Local organiser Colored Rhythms representative said during the interview yesterday that there will be as many as 16 people in JKS’ massive entourage this time, including JKS’ parents and 3 managers.

Last year when JKS visited Singapore, he fell in love with

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[News] JKS Codes Combine autograph session on 24 Feb 2011

Product ambassadors of Codes Hikers, Jang Keun Suk and Kim Ok-bin, will be appearing in future at various events such as autograph sessions. In celebration of Codes Combine’s entry into Hong-dae commercial district and the first retail outlet opening for Codes Hikers, JKS will be appearing at an autograph session on 24 February 2011 at 5 pm Seoul time.

Credits: KeunSukChina
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[KSC]韩网消息:Codes hikers代言人张根硕以及金玉彬将在未来举行各样的活动,包括通过举行签名会等与大家见面.一方面,为庆祝Codes combine入驻弘大商业街以及Codes hikers首个卖场开业,将在2月24号开业当天韩国时间下午5点举行张根硕签名会,请大家关注。来源:fashion journal.

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[News] “You’re My Pet” Press Conference – Ticket Sales

On Thursday 3 March 2011, the production press conference for “You’re My Pet” will be held in Ibaraki, Japan. It seems to include some kind of a performance, and tickets to the press conference are available for sale.

Event: “You’re My Pet” Japanese ceremony & press conference
Date: Thursday 3 March 2011 at 13:30 hours
Performers: Kim Ha-neul, Jang Keun Suk, Choi Jong Hun (FT Island)
Director: Kim Byung-Gon

Venue: Ibaraki Airport, South Garden, outdoor car park
Ticket price: 9,700 yen (including tax)
Ticket includes admission ticket, free shuttle bus, lunch and ticket folder

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar
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“News” Summary

Today is a day where making sense of all the news and thinking of what to write is giving me a headache ….. there are so many things happening, some good and some bad ….. so here are the “news”:

1. Backlash from Lounge H performance
2. Female lead for “You’re My Pet”
3. JKS 2011 Asia Tour Announcement by 18 Feb

(1) Backlash from Lounge H performance

All is not at peace today in Sukkie-land (that’s a word I coined to refer to the world of JKS and eels). We know that JKS took off his shirt during the last two Lounge H (LH) events for the encore, and you may already have heard from other sources that during the 14 Feb Lounge H event, JKS even revealed a bit of his butt line (I don’t know how to translate this!).

Some of Sukbar eels who had been following an online live broadcast of LH could not accept this ‘wild’ behaviour from JKS and posted negative comments about JKS:

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Lounge H song “Gotta Get Cha”

Credits: kanekyoro55

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Samsung Galaxy Player CF 4 [English sub]

Credits: Baidusukbar @ Youku
English subtitles by Aphrael77

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[Twitter 3] JKS from Japan

Credits: KeunSukChina

Shopping at Shinsaibashi

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[Twitter 2] JKS from Japan

Credits: Baidusukbar

Having a stroll with team members before leaving Osaka~ Ah, it’s not cold today. Following the power of Kansai to Kanto!!!! Fighting!! Bye cri
fr.日推:离开大阪之前和队员们散步~啊 今天不冷 接着关西的威力到关东!!!!加油!!bye cri(翻译:雪)

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[12 Feb 2011] Osaka Day 2

Credits as tagged

The rehearsal on the 2nd day is over, and it’s about to start.

I don’t know whether tonight I can last until news of the 2nd Lounge H performance in Osaka come trickling in slowly via fans’ Twitter and Baidusukbar, because the strong cough medicine I’ve been taking for the past 2 days are making me very sleepy, despite the doctor’s assurance that the day-time medication is non-drowsy. I mean, I haven’t even taken the night-time medication yet, and I want to sleep at 9 pm, something which I haven’t done for the past 20 years or so, haha!

So here are the first few pics circulated today,

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"You're my Pet" Momo-Comic version Part 3

Credits: khuekyu

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[11 Feb 2011] Lounge H in Osaka

A beautiful poster of Lounge H, with a beautiful message on it from Jang Keun Suk:

“It has always been my hope, in a space where I can feel everyone’s proximity, to enjoy our time together. In the cherry blossoms season in Japan, I hope my wish can be fulfilled. Jang Keun Suk’s legend is just starting. Please look forward to the future me.”

Fans at Lounge H today can take home this beautiful A4-sized poster – so envious!

Lounge H has already ended, and from Sukbar’s online broadcast gathered from fans’ Twitter, it seemed to be a wild, wet event… … wet on account of the alcohol being sprayed around, and with JKS and Kurt dancing their hot dance, drenched in alcohol. JKS also pulled his manager Kim and another fellow worker on stage to join their dance and during the encore, took off his shirt and splashed himself with water/wine(?). Frankly speaking, if everything goes well and I’m able to get my hands on a LH ticket for the Singapore event, I’m not sure whether my heart can take it! Too ‘hot’ for me!

JKS shared that he had finished his new album’s song recording last week, and he sang a small part of it at Lounge H. One new song in his album is

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[Twitter 1] JKS from Japan

JKS Japanese Twitter update:
(credits: Baidusukbar)

Haha, I like this place. BB (Big Brother Kurt), since you’ve forgotten to bring your passport and can’t come here, take a good look!

哈哈,我喜欢这里,忘了带护照来的BB 好好看清楚啦

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[Update] 2nd Seoul Culture & Arts Awards ceremony

Bad news – for whatever reason, Jang Keun Suk’s name has been removed from the emcee list (3rd line in article). My guess is a conflict in schedule, but I fault the organisers for not confirming it before they publish news.

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