10 thoughts on “[Eng-sub Video] Yahoo Crazy Mission 5”

    • I think it was in japan for summersonic event, because I remember, he is too playful, he targeted mr. Makimura with his watergun, and he also wear that pants in rehearsal, and the tree-j staff said it’s too short.

      • Thanks 🙂 I seem to remember the shorts and the shirt from Japan. Those shorts are sinfully short though. Hard to turn the eyes away.

  1. but where’s the part that they took off their tops???? i cant breath while watching hoping to see he’s body lols i’ve watched it again thinking that i missed it 🙁

  2. Hahahha…my poor Prince is not a good loser…kekeke, saying that he beat BB so bad in bowling…LOLL Sukkie is not keeping part of the bargains, he supposed to take of his shirt…aishhhhhh. I wonder if he stripped his shirt during the SummerSonic Live Show to seal the deal…??

  3. I want to see his chest
    But only saw his legs
    Oh, somone regret
    I cant forget
    why you did this to me?
    You left me in agony.hahaha.Esther.
    Now I saw him and my mind thing in verse all the time.kkkkkk


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