24 thoughts on “[pics-3] JKS Cri Show 2 at Taiepei Arena 20120901”

  1. Kaori chan, Thanks!!! I have a very memorable time at the Taipei Cri show and these pictures really bring back the beautiful memories… Sukkie really is so cute & sexy even with the bandaid ^_^ (the bandaid is also one thing that made this Cri show special to me…lol!)

  2. thanks tenshi for posting those pictures. He is sexy! but are there also pictures where he wore the all whites and sported long hair? That’s my favorite prince jangs concert outfit (or costume if we can call that one). he looks like a mythical god. Please post if you have it thanks.

  3. tenshi, may i know JKS will read all our comments , did he realize we all care about him, did he got time to read this, hoping yr answer won’t let us down

    • Au: It is my strong believe that Sukkie does read this blog as well as some of his staff. He has said he always surfs internet and reads articles on himself and since he can read English, I’m sure he has come across this blog.

  4. A litle song with the music of Sexy back:
    He have a sexy baaack
    and i like to looked thaaat
    first photo got me heart ataaack
    my heart is pounding so faaast

    Look at this boy
    so sexy back
    in purple clothes
    i like his hat
    look at this boy
    his tonge is out
    look at this boy
    he so hot now.

  5. Hahaha,QQeyes and Kailey, i can’t control myself by doing poems,this time is Tenshi fault for posted this sexy photos.Thanks Tenshi.


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