12 thoughts on “[09.09.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Oooo my dear,,,,juzzz keep spirit up!!!we’ll always supporting u!!
    Come to me,,,,cry on my shoulder,,,I’ll give u,,,hug!!
    I love everything about u,,,u r so talented,,handsome,warm person,,great personalities,,
    I love u sOOOOO much,,,I think about u every moment of the day,,,,
    Myyyyy soulmate FOREVERRrr,,,
    World Prince,,,ZIKZIN!!!!!

  2. we should be the one thanking you our prince for coming into our lives and making everyday worth living despite our own burdens…just by seeing ur bright smile made our day..jo,zikzin!!!

  3. Awww…I am so touched with this event. I feel like crying too. I have said this so many times before..and will never tired of saying this again…..EELs are the BEST of fans in the world!!!!

    Eels, let’s go Zikzin to the world together with our Prince!!!!

    • I totally agree with you Kailey!!! The love of eels is very powerful! I think eels are the wind beneath his wings!! zikzin indeed!

  4. JKS is grateful whit all the eels. but …. JKS really feel very lonely (put a train car with publicity – eels-, but totally empty -his loneliness-) … I think JKS in love, but for his fame and eels, JKS can not be with that person – girl-.
    poor JKS :(..
    our true eels always support You “prince JKS”.

  5. For a person who grew up in showbiz industry & became a hallyu superstar at such a young age, he remains level headed and down to earth which is really amazing. He is sincere & considerate. He doesn’t lose focus on his life and dreams. He is so creative & brings so much joy & laughter to many of us. I am more than double his age but I am proud to be an eel.

  6. With your perseverance and talents, I know the next 20 years n more will be even brighter and more successful for you, our Prince.
    We will support U forever.

  7. Congratulation Prince..you are the best! you are so amazing superstar for me..enjoy your 20th anniversary..n you’ll be brighter n more brighter for next 20 years..keep smilin’..n keep being down to earth..ZIKZIN!


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