15 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS visited MARC JACOBS in Aoyama, Tokyo_20120908”

  1. Mmmmmm handsomeeee in suit,,,,grrrrr,,,
    Sunday surprise,,,,I shouldn’t see this 1st,,now I can’t focus cooking!!!
    TQqqqqq Tensi!!!
    Why this namja soooo freakingggzzz handsome????

  2. he’s sun shine,he to shine everywhere…Ahh… My peoticall feeling…
    If he’s not brilliant so dark everyday …
    he’s my sunshine! ^ _ ^

  3. Hola, me gustaria que algunas noticias las pudieran traducir, para disfrutarlas mas….
    hacen un lindo trabajo llenandonos de fotos y articulos, pero mi ingles no es muy bueno asi, que me demoro un poco jajaj….. GRACIAS….por todooooo!!!!

  4. Carolina,hola,soy latina,pero el idioma oficial del site es el ingles,las traductoras creo que no saben español,pero los FB fan pages latinos traducen todas las noticais de este blog al español. Vienes aqui primero a ver y lo lees alla.

    I explain Caroline that the oficial language of this site is english,she likes the blog a lot,but not speak and understand english very well,so I told her the latin FB fan pages translate all the news of JkS forever to spanish,so she can see this site first , even she don t understand,and later read in other page in spanish. Because if you practice,Carolina, you can learn the language more quickly,its my expirience,i learned a lot english here,the team work of this site( la dueña,Ivy,Tenshi, traduce del japones,Sarah,del Chino) are awesome girls and have other girls helping and the club,ECI is fantastic, you have a lot of fun there,so welcome. If you dont understand something,please let me know,i will help you . Sorry Ivy , for said this without your aprobation.

  5. Oh how I’ve missed seeing JKS’ lovely face!! It feels like an eternity since we last read his funny twits! Thanks for sharing these pictures, Tenshi!!! They were much needed!

    I hope that he didn’t overuse his credit card at the Vogue Fashion Event!! Otherwise, he might have to sleep in the parking lot once again…(hiding from Mama Jang!) lol!!


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