11 thoughts on “[fan-cam video] Taiwanese eels are singing “Happy Birthday to JKS””

  1. At least He should acknowledge and SAY THANK YOU TO THEM OR ON TWITTER OR WEIBO or ON stage ! Just make them HAPPY!!WAITED FOR HOURS AND SUNG A SONG TO HIM.:(
    Do you think he cares???? LET DISCUSS!
    I feel SORRY for THEM, the Faithful EELS!

    • Lian Hoon, I was there at the Cri show Taipei with a few others from ECI.. when we sings the birthday song for Sukkie after the Encore, we have the feeling that he may have left the venue but as faithful eels.. we just want to greet him in his birthday month… In the past Cri show during his birthday month, the birthday song is sung in between the concert as in the past, the concert is more like FM unlike Cri show this year, the concert nature is musical with songs lined up one after another… so I believe it is difficult to have the birthday song for him in between as it may disrupt the whole programme line-up.
      I’m very touched by the Taiwanese eels who sang the birthday songs for Sukkie at the airport here.. and Sukkie really appreciates that ^_^ here is another vid which I shared in ECI which I may not have shared here yet…. of a fancam of the Sukkie’s greetings to eels just before he entered the gate..

      • I again super agree with u QQ, I saw myself in the video link provided by you!
        Lian Hoon, couldn’t agree anymore that the Taiwan eels are super fans and even myself so touched by their patients! Myself can witness Prince look back and said Ann-yeong to us and waiving his hand.
        I sincerely believe Prince appreciate what they have did and he is sure happy deep inside his heart!

    • Hi.. Lian Hoon…
      Eventough I haven’t met him n not there, I believe he cares n really appreciate all his Taiwanese eels’effort n faithfulness… He loves n cares his eels so much, no doubt about it…

    • Lian Hoon,

      I understand your point looking from the outside perspective; JKS seems not caring for his eels. Which is not true at all. JKS’s always known to have good relationship with his eels.

      As from an eel standpoints, Sukkie shows his love and affection to his eels in many different ways. Though, sometimes, he might not always send “honey” words saying “thank you”……but his waving hands and flying kisses are enough for eels to feel that he cares and appreciate his eels’ faithful devotions and attentions. Seriously, sometime, no word is needed to feel someone is sincerely appreciate you or care for you or not…!!!!

      As for his CriShow, I wasn’t there either……but based on the watching some of the video clips here and there….there were no actions indicated that Sukkie doesn’t care for his EELs. I even watched some pictures showing he bowed 90 degree with misty eyes of happiness and gratitude upon receiving all the love his eels given him.

  2. HI All ,
    I am in London I knew him from watching his dramas, started with You are Beautiful and like his lovely voice.
    Well I know you all taken his sides!
    At least he is saying thank you more often now on his TWITTEERs…Don’t you notice that after I tweeter him to acknowledge to his Beloved poor EELS.
    Have A great time to all and enjoy whatever he is doing right now.
    Heard he is Berlin now, wish can go to visit him but I am not that crazy and have lots of stuff to do here :-(. Dont make me wrong I still support him though to be reknown Asian artist in the world!

    Have a great dream and time!!
    Love you all!


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