Twitter updates 1 & 2 from JKS’ friend, rok_Kim

Credits:KeunSukChina 挚爱小帅-张根硕全球中文网
Chinese translation: Huahua 花花
English translation: Aphrael77

Twitter update 1 from JKS’ friend, rok_Kim:

下班后,拜访big brother sound,观看kurt和张酒疯录音! galagecha~shake it shake it everybody~哈哈 chozer!

After work, we visited big brother sound, seeing kurt and JKS drinking and being crazy while recording music!
galagecha~shake it shake it everybody~Haha chozer!

One more pic,

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[Voting update] 15th GCMA


1. Jang Keun Suk 22,313 votes
2. Kim Hyun Joon 15,550 votes
3. Hyun Bin 1,263 votes

Lee Min-ho dropped out of the top three.

The voting website is only working periodically. It may not load fully but if you scroll to the middle and are able to see the categories, you can still try and vote. Ok, this may not sound very nice of me, but let’s not give KHJ a chance to catch up. Let JKS win by a glorious wide margin! Fighting!!

For specific instructions on voting, please go to this post.

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[News] 15th GCMA live broadcast on 15 April

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar

————– News Summary ————–

The 15th Global Chinese Music Awards will be broadcast live on these television stations: Star TV (China), Sze-chuan TV, Channel V, Chengdu TV (combined channel), Chengdu TV (movie & arts channel) and Hong Kong’s Asia TV.

On 15 April 2011, the red carpet starts at 7.00 pm (China time) and the Awards commence at 8.00 pm.
Various media such as Sina and TengXun Entertainment will have text and pictures live broadcast.

————– End ————–

I have cable television at home, but being a technical / gadget idiot, I have no idea what channels I have (I don’t even know how to switch on the TV in the living room, can’t see any button T.T )…. Will go and puzzle it out later. Hopefully a few videos should come out on the internet, but I cannot wait to see Jang Keun Suk on the red carpet!! I think he’ll look fabulous and absolutely charming, and please, please don’t wear anything strange …. the Awards is broadcast on so many TV stations, the whole of China (several billion people, I should think) and other Asian countries are watching….please don’t wear anything strange * worries * Eels may be able to accept outlandish fashion, but hard to say for the general public …..

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[Sneak preview] JKS’ first photograph book!

Source: JKS official Japanese Twitter
Shared by: KeunSukChina
Chinese translation: Keke 可可

——————- Twitter Message ——————-



Jang Keun Suk’s first photograph book has been decided to go on sale!!

——————- END ——————-

OMG – another piece of splendid news!
That’s quite fast!

I have no idea why this news is released on his Japanese official website, but am hoping fervently that it does not mean everything is going to be in Japanese ( T.T ) and that it will still be available on sale to other countries as well. I get the impression from the pic above that the book will be available for pre-order soon, so pre-ordering information may be released soon.

For a sneak preview of his pics in the book,

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[CF] Latest Samsung Galaxy Player poster

Credits: KeunSukChina

One more pic,

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[Pic] Codes Combine photo shoot

Credits: KeunSukChina

JKS is absolutely beautiful.
What would I give to own the above pic!

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Miniatures of JKS and Sunni

Credits: KeunSukChina

Omo, miniature stuffed toy versions of JKS and Sunni.

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[Personal] One Singapore FM ticket & photo pass up for sale


Just to inform that the FM ticket and photo pass is not available anymore.
Thanks to those who expressed interest!

—– END —–

It’s not my ticket – I wouldn’t give it up for the whole world!

Due to a friend changing her mind (I’m sorry to have to say that sometimes, even friends cannot be trusted wholly…), I have one SGD$ 191 Category A FM ticket in row P (that’s my row) and one photo-taking pass (SGD $48) available. If anyone is interested, please leave a comment and I will email you regarding the details.

… If no one is interested, I guess my sister will benefit from it since I will invite her then! ^^

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Vote for JKS at 15th Global Chinese Music Awards!!

Click on pic for bigger view.

* Updated tip *

I hear that if you disconnect and connect to the internet, you can vote even within that one hour.
Not sure if this is true, I don’t dare to try it myself in case I cannot connect back to internet.

Please cast your online vote for JKS! Very simple, and it’s free!

(1) Save this website under your Favourites.

(2) Scroll to the middle of the page and look out for JKS as pointed out in the printscreen above.
It’s above the first row of photos.
* Important * Please try and recognize JKS’ Chinese name 张根硕 as the rank changes.
It may be in no. 1 or 2 or 3 position.

(3) Between JKS’ name and the number of votes shown, click on “支持TA”.
That’s all!

(4) For each IP (computer), you can vote once every hour.

Please vote for him and help him to win an award at the prestigious GCMA!
Voting ends at 12 noon China time on 15 April 2011. Just 1 week left!

Thank you!

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[6 Apr 2011] Codes Combine behind-the-scenes pics

* TRANSLATION completed – click on “Continue reading” below *

Credits:Codes Combine & KeunSukChina 挚爱小帅-张根硕全球中文网
Chinese translation:Huahua花花
English translation: Aphrael77

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[News] JKS ventures into China and attends 15th Global Chinese Music (Asian Influence) Awards

SUPER exciting news – Jang Keun Suk is attending the 15th Global Chinese Music (Asian Influence) Awards (“GCMA” – rough translation), organised by Channel V and held in Chengdu, China on 15 April 2011.

JKS is finally sending a strong indicator that he is officially starting his foray into the Chinese market. I have to hand it to JKS and Tree-J – I think they are doing a wonderful job to advance JKS’ career not only in Korea, but also in the region.

Under the “Asian & Europe Stars” category, JKS is nominated for “The most popular Asian Influential Korean Artist” award, together with Lee Min-ho, Kim Hyun Joon and Hyun Bin. JKS may also be performing at the GCMA.

Below are notices from GCMA and HS Media this morning.

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[6 Apr 2011] Codes Combine photo shoot

Credits: tdedie @ Suk Baidu Bar

For more pics,

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Animated GIF from “Where is your Star?” DVD

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar

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Codes Combine poster

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar

Why are there so many JKS posters that I cannot get my hands on?? T.T

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Asian Countdown Special Hello Korean Star

Shared by: hooyeedog @ Sina

กับรายการAsian Countdown Special Hello Korean Star นะครับ fc ห้ามพลาด!

Ooh, so JKS was taking a pic with the emcee of “Asian Countdown Special Hello Korean Star”.

I thought initially that Jang Keun Suk’ hairstyle above looks like he’s doing a photo-shoot for Lotte DFS. There’s even a miniature puppet of JKS and what looks like a miniature stuffed toy of JKS’ dog, Sunnie …. omo… at least it’s the right colour! It’s so cute! If there really is a miniature stuffed toy version of Sunni, I’d love to get it! Sunni’s becoming as popular as JKS? 🙂

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