8 thoughts on “[pic-3] Press Conference of Jang Keun Suk as Jinwutang Spokesman_20121029 Chengdu”

  1. JKS looks healthy, happy and cheerful. people love JKS. cool!.
    now, I’m watching that JKS is wearing 3 rings … one of “peace” on his right hand and other 2 rings on the index finger of his left hand.
    Perhaps, 3 rings symbolizing the message left by his staff “120527”, where said: “peace and love”.

  2. i’m so excited to open this blog hoping to see more of sukkie’s adorable smiles..and JKS FOREVER blog never disappoints me..ever!
    seeing his childlike so innocent smiles made me shout for joy!
    thanks for sharing!

  3. It’s such a relief to see him smiling like that full of happiness. Love his smile … His teeth are straighter than my own!


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