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The closing date for Jang Keun Suk 20th anniversary commemorative stamps at post offices is tomorrow! You can apply on the internet by Nov. 4th. ^^ Who will get his autographed postcard~?
20周年記念切手の郵便局店頭受付はいよいよ明日で締切! ネット受け付けは11/4までです^^ サイン入りポストカードは誰の元へ~?

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  1. anyone from Singapore going to his Saitama concert? I was thinking of going if i can convince my sister to accompany me but i have no idea how to purchase tickets. I know the last show was sold out, but how to buy tickets for the other 2 show?

  2. please please I want these postcards “KIZUNA” of PRINCE SUKKIE ♥ how to adquire these postcards, please!.. thanks!
    KIZUNA = union.
    kizuna is a word japanese.
    zikzin + shikshin + kizuna + café + bear + simple black bracelet, simple ring gold & silver…and flowers = “Sukkie +…Love “A”…”
    the room in shenzhen said: “Artist” ..”A”…before in other cri show 2 said “Mr. Jang Geun Suk” or “J”.


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