[29.10.2012] Tree-J Staff Weibo

I added staff farewell message to Chinese eels.

photo time!

Thanks for coming to see Cri Show and all your support. Everything was in good order! Shenzhen is a beautiful place!!
感谢你们都来看公演给我应援 也很守秩序!深圳是个美丽的地方!!
공연에도 가득 와 주시고 응원도 많이 해주시고 질서도 잘 지켜주셔서 감사드립니다! 심천 너무 아름다운 곳!!

7 thoughts on “[29.10.2012] Tree-J Staff Weibo”

  1. so glad to be part of it the Shenzhen show, together with many south east asia eels who have flown in especially for the show!! i have many fond memories too..


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