5 thoughts on “Hong Kong Cri Show – “Oh my Darling””

    • He didn’t sing this song in Singapore, it doesn’t mean he didn’t favour of Singapore eels, His album was posponed to 27 Apr, that’s why he can’t sing this song, but I do feel in Singapore FM, our eels more closed to him, and he spoke English, makes us feel like a family gathering.

      • Yup tat sld b the reason cos his album not out at time of sg fm, in fact I feel he sang ‘Let me cry’ is already a big bonus for us!!! We r first to hear him sing this song even before his album is out 🙂 I appreciate sukkie singing tat for us.

  1. @gingercake I appreciate him for singing that song too. 😀 I also appreciate him for coming to Singapore first! 🙂


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