[MV] About JKS …

Credits: 所所倔 @ Youku

Mm… this may not be a comprehensive record of JKS’ charitable projects and achievements thus far (though I did learn some new information about our dear boy) …. but just sharing it until I can finish subtitling another video tonight ^^

8 thoughts on “[MV] About JKS …”

    • OMG!! This dancing video of JKS is really sooooooo funny!
      Thanks number1eels for sharing with us. 🙂

      Our dear Sukkie can really dance man!! Wooo Hooo! 🙂
      He can dance any dance, dance anywhere & dance everywhere!
      No matter under what circumstances he still can dance! Even while crossing the road he stopped to dance!!! Hahahaa! And his friends got to pull him up and stop him from dancing! Hahaha!!!!
      OMG!! I just cannot stop laughing! ^o^

      • me too!!! I always laugh when I see this vid as Sukkie can dance any dances & anywhere… I’m sure looking forward to see him challenge ballet in you’re my pet ^_^

      • Hi QQeyes007, ya me too! I can’t wait for the movie YMP!!
        By the way, since it is a movie, does it means that it will only be airing in Korea?
        And we got to wait for it to be release on dvd later on?

  1. hah! so adorable, i used to dance so i can’t say he’s a good dancer, he can move with the beat but more likely his dancing is more on the clubbing moves. there are few tall guy who can pull off dance moves gracefully, and on that i admire rain/bi 😀 jks, is so playful. lol! i see his manager with the “que horror” look whenever jks dances on the street:P


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