[News] Warner Music’s event for eels: “Eels, Register!”

Jang Keun Suk who’s about to release his newest Korean album in Asia is calling out to all Taiwanese eels!

From today to before 24 Feb 2013, eels are invited to join Warner’s online music magazine as member, and will have a chance to win via a lucky draw, the one and only not-for-sale “JKS’s super-sized framed photograph” (one winner).

* The winner will be announced on 1 March 2013 and prize delivered by 8 March 2013 *

It involves joining as member on Warner Taiwan’s website, and account registration involves entering one’s mobile phone number (most likely only Taiwanese mobile phone numbers are accepted). Then they will send a text message to the mobile phone that contains an activation code number to activate the account.

[Info] Taiwan version of Team H album


Pre-order is available, but delivery within Taiwan only.

Latest Korean official album (12 songs)
Taiwan version Double Fun Limited Edition A with big photo-book

[Double cover CD + limited JKS freebie]

Promo price: NT$438

Product details
● 18.6 cm x 26.5 cm big hard-cover (book) packaging, a worthwhile collection for eels!
● JKS X BIG BROTHER double cover design!
● Inside is a limited JKS freebie:double side poster (60cm x 40cm)
(The poster freebie is limited in the first album launch,will not be available in future re-productions. Please look forward to the poster design which will be released soon.)
● 17cm X25cm big-sized JKS 20-page photo cum lyrics book (design different from Edition B)
● with Chinese lycrics translations
● pre-order receipt available to those who order before 19 Feb!!!

Taiwan version Luxury Collectors’ Edition B [CD+DVD]

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[12.01.2013] Part 2: JKS’ 20th anniversary ad in International Herald Tribune

As the second and final part to international eels’ project to congratulate Jang Keun Suk on his 20th debut anniversary celebration and to mark the beginning of a new era of his showbiz career, Jang Keun Suk appears on another advertisement in The International Herald Tribune on 12 Jan and 13 Jan 2013. You can access the part 1 appearance (Dec. 22-23) on IHT from here.

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[01.01.2013] Tree-J staff twitter & Weibo

@codeinconnu (twitter)
Mr. Ho Ling! Really love you today! Can feel your love for actor Jang! Really thank you very much! – Queen of Chinese artiste world Madam Xie Na! Your husband’s tank performance is very fantastic! Have to learn Chinese from now on!!
허지웅님! 오늘 너무 반했어요! 장배우를 너무 예뻐해주시는 마음이 느껴졌어요!! 정말 정말 감사합니다!! ㅡ 중국 예능여왕 시에나님! 남편분의 탱크 퍼포먼스도 짱! 이제부터 중국 공부합니다!!
何炅先生!今天真是太愛你了!能感覺到你對張演員的疼愛!真的真的非常感謝你!─ 中國藝能界女王謝娜女士!老公的坦克演出也非常棒喔!現在開始要學中文了!!

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[Pics-1] Hunan TV countdown party rehearsal

Credits: Hunan TV
In the afternoon of 31 December, four hours before the live broadcast of Hunan TV’s countdown party, Korean pretty boy Jang Keun Suk finally was spotted at the rehearsal venue, appearing on stage in a yellow Ferrari sports car. At the rehearsal, popular pretty boy enjoyed the treatment of a mega star and started to rehearse after the venue was cleared of fans. Fans outside the venue could only listen to their idol sing through the partitioning curtains but were still very excited and beat in time to the rhythm.

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[31.12.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

Actor Jang whose rehearsal originally scheduled for 1 hour ended in just 30 minutes! Meeting emcee Ho Ling who came to the waiting room personally to help confirm programme contents and wow~~ chatting enthusiastically like brothers

[Info] Live streaming links for Hunan TV countdown party

UPDATE: Jang Keun Suk estimated appearing time
Hunan TV’s countdown party starts on 31 Dec 2012 at 7:30 pm (China time). JKS’ performance time hasn’t been announced officially yet, but according to fans’ estimating based on the program line up, it will be around 10:30 pm (China time). After the official announcement, we’ll update the info.

You can try the various links below, though the sites may lag due to expected high traffic.
You can wait for the live streaming to play automatically.
If ads appear, you can cross them out.

Tiyuba Net


Hunan live broadcast

Zongyi Letv

[28.12.2012] JKS is the only Korean artiste to appear on Hunan TV’s new year

Korean-Chinese translation: Sukbar / Green Tea
English translation: Wen Lee
Source: Nate

JKS is the only Korean artiste to appear on Hunan TV’s new year countdown party.

JKS will perform at Hunan TV’s new year countdown concert. Last year, this show’s viewership ranked No.1 amongst the 16 new year shows in the whole of China. Every year, some of the top Chinese artists will perform on this show.

In last year’s concert, some Korean artistes also shone on stage. This year, JKS is the only Korean artiste to attend, which shows his unique popularity in China. JKS will perform as the group Team H. He will sing 3 songs with his music partner Big Brother, have interaction with fans and an interview segment. He will present a magnificent stage to everyone.

To see JKS again in Changsa, Chinese fans and Korean fans have already been following this closely. The production team at Hunan TV also looks forward to their performance at this special new year countdown concert.

[22.12.2012] JKS’ 20th anniversary ad in International Herald Tribune

UDDATE: added related articles why “International Herald Tribune” is special for JKS
UPDATE: KIKIMON’s fan work

An international eels’ project that involves 23 fanclubs worldwide to celebrate Jang Keun Suk’s 20th debut anniversary has finally come to fruition in the form of an advertisement in the prestigious “International Herald Tribune (Global Edition The New York Times)” on 22 Dec 2012.

Here’s a copy of the ad in the online paper. You can get the actual newspaper too.

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[12 Dec 2012] JKS joins Hunan TV’s New Year Countdown Party on 31 Dec

Source: Chengsa Newspaper (China)
English translation: Wen Lee

Korea No.1 Pretty Boy Jang Keun Suk joining in Hunan TV’s new year countdown party? Yesterday, our reporter interviewed the director of the countdown party and confirmed this news. As to the criticism on the internet that this was only a false promotional act, the director ‘strongly’ expressed: “He is really coming, if he doesn’t, I swear I won’t watch Korean dramas ever again, I promise”.

Apparently, JKS has built friendly ties with Hunan TV after filming Happy Camp in June 2012. When Hunan TV New Year party directing team issued invitation to JKS, communication between both parties went smoothly. It didn’t take long to confirm his participation for the NY countdown party.

Our reporter understands that in Korea, JKS practises Chinese whenever he has time in order to provide a great performance, “because he hopes to use Chinese for simple communication and to express himself”, according to staff in the directing team.

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