[News] JKS performs in Shanghai on 16 March: ornate style of new album revealed

Source: NetEasy Entertainment
Date: 17 Feb 2013
English translation: Aphrael

Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk is about to release his first official Korean album “I just wanna have fun”, and since the beginning of the new year 2013, his new songs have been released. After the rising popularity of the first single “What is your name”, the second song “Feel the Beat” in which JKS sang in Chinese for the first time will be released today. Recently, JKS released a few performance videos on Weibo to call out to fans to “run quickly” to welcome the coming Team H’s China year.

JKS ordered pizza for team to keep warm and challenged Chinese lyrics for Chinese fans

As JKS’ first official Korean album, “I just wanna have fun” is going to be released at the same time in various Asian countries such as Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. Besides the Korean, English and Japanese songs in this album, JKS also took on the challenge of Chinese lyrics in order to cater to Chinese fans, and sang the Chinese version of “Feel the Beat”. Despite JKS’ aptitude for language, JKS said frankly after learning the language that it was not easy to sing in Chinese. Later he found out that the four tones in Chinese and writing was difficult beyond his expectation. During the recording of the Chinese part for “Feel the Beat”, he was worried that pronunciation difficulty would affect recording progress, and did not expect that the team complimented him upon hearing the completed song, and this became one of JKS’ favourite songs. Due to the language barrier, during the song recording, JKS felt a sense of burden. In addition, temperature in the recording studio was very low. JKS ordered pizza for the team to keep warm. “In the end after the recording, I realized that the 8 people in the studio had eaten 12 pizzas altogether!” JKS recalled. “But the recording turned out well. Despite the initial worry about Chinese pronunciation , during post-production, I discovered that Chinese suited the tempo of this song more than Korean and Japanese.This is also the song I like best.”
The Chinese version of MV will be released on 19 Feb 2013.

Team H officially debut in China, March concert in Shanghai
JKS appeals to Chinese fans on Weibo

Recently, HS Media and Ocean Butterfly Music released several JKS performance videos in China, and JKS even appealed to fans on Weibo to “run quickly” to find out the meaning of “H” together. JKS’ concert in China will take place on 16 March at Shanghai Mercedes-Banez Cultural Centre.

Having made his debut at 5 years old with 20 years of artiste experience, no matter whether it’s actor Jang Keun Suk who set off a Hallyu wave in Asia based on “You are Beautiful” and “Marry me Mary”or singer Jang Keun Suk whose first debut album “Let me cry” successfully took first place on Oricon chart and set first day sales record in Japan, JKS said, “I will not become a Jang Keun Suk of other people’s impression, because I think that rather than the path that others hope I will take, it is more important that I choose the kind of path I take and create my own life. Even if like that, if applause is given to this kind of actor Jang Keun Suk, I will work hard crazily every day to create my own life.”

In 2013, let us look forward to JKS’ China year.


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  1. Thanks Ivy for the translation !! Feel the beat is so far my most favorite song on this new album & awwwwww.. he look soo damn too good, mwackss !!!!

  2. JKS has nice sneakers (I’ve seen it before in his drama “…. ….”, now you are wearing it for your favorite MV…amazing, this MV will be make in three different languages​​, great time to wear it). congratulations Jang Geun Suk and BB = “Team H” for your new project. let’s go party …or dream …team H 🙂

    JKS and BB are great friends!!!


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