[News] Warner Music’s event for eels: “Eels, Register!”

Jang Keun Suk who’s about to release his newest Korean album in Asia is calling out to all Taiwanese eels!

From today to before 24 Feb 2013, eels are invited to join Warner’s online music magazine as member, and will have a chance to win via a lucky draw, the one and only not-for-sale “JKS’s super-sized framed photograph” (one winner).

* The winner will be announced on 1 March 2013 and prize delivered by 8 March 2013 *

It involves joining as member on Warner Taiwan’s website, and account registration involves entering one’s mobile phone number (most likely only Taiwanese mobile phone numbers are accepted). Then they will send a text message to the mobile phone that contains an activation code number to activate the account.

3 thoughts on “[News] Warner Music’s event for eels: “Eels, Register!””

  1. Oh my god why only Taiwanese got this chance can you please include our country Philippines to got a chance to join this registration,I really wanted to have a real photograph from him please!!!!


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