[11 Mar 2011] JKS Japan Twitter

JKS left a message yesterday on his Japan Fanclub website.
The rough meaning is, he was very shocked when he saw the news in Hungary, and he’s praying that everyone will be safe.

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日推特上有更新一篇文~ 0311 1时间前

jksjapan チャングンソクJapan Fanclub
일본의 장어분들 안전하신가요?아침에 헝가리에서 뉴스 보고 깜짝놀랬어요 다들 무사하기를 빕니다!



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“Bye Bye Bye” [Let me cry album]

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Recorded by natsuyuki
Shared by KeunSukChina

Apologies for the jerky quality of the song – this is a recording from radio and anyway, this is just a first listen.
Please also bear with the long stretch of the DJ talking in the middle of the song (not sure but I thought I caught some snatches of news about the earthquake or tsunami?)

I’m definitely partial to slow, nice songs and “Bye Bye Bye” falls into this category – I like the feel of the song.
I can recognize JKS’ voice anywhere when he sings in Korean, but when he sings in Japanese, I wouldn’t have immediately connected the voice to him – is it just me, or does his voice sound different in different languages?

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[Current affairs] Japan’s earthquake 11 Mar 2011


Credits as tagged (various news sources)

I am sorry that my concern has come rather late, and following various news stories, the situation in Japan is rather severe. The extent of the damage is unbelievable – death, injuries, the destruction of homes…. The people in Japan are fighting to survive the aftermath of such a serious earthquake and tsunamis, and our thoughts and prayers are with them. Various governments are ready to extend their aid, and so are many of the ordinary people.

Ibaraki, where “You’re my Pet” press conference was held just a week ago on 3 March, and Sendai, which is one of JKS Japan Tour venues, are also affected by this disaster….

For more videos,

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