“Bye Bye Bye” [Let me cry album]

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Recorded by natsuyuki
Shared by KeunSukChina

Apologies for the jerky quality of the song – this is a recording from radio and anyway, this is just a first listen.
Please also bear with the long stretch of the DJ talking in the middle of the song (not sure but I thought I caught some snatches of news about the earthquake or tsunami?)

I’m definitely partial to slow, nice songs and “Bye Bye Bye” falls into this category – I like the feel of the song.
I can recognize JKS’ voice anywhere when he sings in Korean, but when he sings in Japanese, I wouldn’t have immediately connected the voice to him – is it just me, or does his voice sound different in different languages?

3 thoughts on ““Bye Bye Bye” [Let me cry album]”

  1. many thanks!!!! absolutely in love with this song!!!! such a sweet and deep voice. our prince is awesome as ever…
    i want this cd so badly!!!!


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