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  1. Wow I find chinese fans more and more impressive, to fly all the way to Budapest? Knowing that you might not even see him? I’m trully impressed by the courage of some eels! The scenery is magnificent tho, I understand why JGS flew all the way there for a photoshoot.

    I really really appreciate JGS’ honesty: it’s a person that gives 200% of himself to his fans but when he can’t he just say it,and when he can even if he’s tired and/or working he does his best to be pleasant. <3 <3

      • Aaah thanks for the clarification, she got me confused when she said ‘from China’ I thought she really came all the way… She’s lucky anyway!

    • yup, the girl lives and works in Budapest…. but JKS seems really tired. Seems like it’s a packed working trip for him, and there are online news/rumours saying that Japan will cancel all concerts after the quake….. so JKS’ Japan Tour may be affected if this really is implemented.

      • what about You’re My Pet movie ? is it will filming in Japan and what next after earthquake ?

        btw sorry to hear that (tsunami earthquake) for my Japan Friends…be strong —

      • think we have to wait for more news, cos apparently JKS’ Japanese event organizer is also at a loss in the face of such a disaster.
        they are assessing the situation.

        but most likely, JKS’ schedule in Japan will be disrupted.

        I think “You’re my Pet” is quite unlucky so far…. first, the search for a female lead took a year, and then just when they’re about to start filming in Japan, this has to happen ….

      • yea.. his lately projects are mostly in Japan 🙁 hope we’ll get good news after this.. *support for Jang Geun Suk*

        thank you my friend @aphrael77^^

    • Actually she said that she been living in Budapest for a longtime but she originated from Shanghai. This is one of the reason I admire JGS, despite that he has been in the movie industry for almost 20 years, he is very accommodating. He appreciate his fans that is why I am surprise when some call him arrogant. I think sometimes, he is just so tired that he would look so remote. Though I don’t know him but with little information written about him and the interview he gives, the impression of him is that he is a very intelligent man, very kind and a sincere person.

      • … did anyone call JKS arrogant? that’s strange indeed…. i haven’t come across any news about that…

        if anyone cares to see the behind-the-scenes of dramas or his videos, it is quite easy to see that he’s a warm-hearted and sincere guy, who loves to laugh too….
        why would anyone think he’s arrogant?

      • @Aphrael77 I think what Smiley_iris means is that some of his countrymen thinks that he is arrogant & love himself (that’s the impression I got from some comments, I myself thinks that it the antis that said that). Honestly, I do not know what they mean by that because for me being arrogant & loving one-self or in-love with one-self have a different meaning. It depends on ones perspective really.

  2. When I saw this this morning, I thought to myself, I bet I know who will translate this. 😛 You’re so good about it!! His schedule is packed and he’s been looking so tired lately. I think his upcoming performances in Japan and possibly even his cd release will be postponed. Maybe he can take this time to get some rest. As always, thanks for translating and sharing!

    • haha~ u bet correctly! LOL…
      think fans are so starved for news of JKS since his Europe trip is so low-profile…. ^^

      the poor guy, he definitely needs a good break, but i wish it wouldn’t take a natural disaster to stop him from working!

      • I hope the release of his first CD will be on time. All recording has been done. I am really waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail. I feel so sad about the tragedy in Japan, I worry about my relatives in Japan & my friends… my cousin is getting married in Kobe in June…

      • I’m also looking forward to JKS’ album, but we have to give Japan time to recover, especially now they’re facing the risk of a 2nd nuclear blast… * pray hard for them *

        hope u get in touch soon with your relatives and friends in Japan…

      • My dear friend Aphrael, my cousin has emailed me today and he is doing fine. He said Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe) is safe. I wonder if JKS is still going to his FM in Osaka….

      • Great to hear that your cousin is all right ^^

        we should wait for official news, though I think if the venue is safe, the FM may still be held as planned.

      • I think he must be feeling terrible not only because his jap eels are affected by the disaster but also his cd release and movie filming will also be delayed. Poor JKS…

  3. =) What a lucky girl, and wow even though he was tired and all he still took the time to sign for them T_T I love him even more now, he’s always so polite must be hard for him but no matter what he’s always polite 🙂 THANKS a lot for sharing!

  4. wow….so lucky girl………..i want to meet JKS………hope dream come true……he has a killing smile ……so nice


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