[Current affairs] Japan’s earthquake 11 Mar 2011


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I am sorry that my concern has come rather late, and following various news stories, the situation in Japan is rather severe. The extent of the damage is unbelievable – death, injuries, the destruction of homes…. The people in Japan are fighting to survive the aftermath of such a serious earthquake and tsunamis, and our thoughts and prayers are with them. Various governments are ready to extend their aid, and so are many of the ordinary people.

Ibaraki, where “You’re my Pet” press conference was held just a week ago on 3 March, and Sendai, which is one of JKS Japan Tour venues, are also affected by this disaster….

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5 thoughts on “[Current affairs] Japan’s earthquake 11 Mar 2011”

  1. Yes, the earthquake and tsunami is very alarming. There was one picture where the waves just swept over an allevated rail, dislodging a train,throwing it completely out of its tracks and into the air! Think about all the people on that train and all those who may loose their love ones either through being washed away by the tsunami or buried under rubble of collasped building caused by the quake. It will be so sad and devastating for so many people. Let’s say many, many, many prayers for all those people in pain and suffering there. Fortunately, Jang Keun Suk’s press conference took place earlier and he is not in Japan now. He was travelling and working there quite a lot recently.

  2. Horrible!! I was in the plane when it happened, I called all my friend over there to know if they were okay. It’s really sad, May prayers go to all the japanese.

  3. My thought and prayers to all people affected in Japan. What a disaster!
    I hope that my small contribution to American Red Cross will reach those who needed. How else can we help?


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