[Rice Wreaths] Light and shadow… JKS’ unyielding spirit changes the world, Daebak!

Well, I don’t know where to start about our rice wreath project this time…
We’ve sent rice wreaths several times before on his press conferences and events, but above all, this one will be the most memorable for us. We really appreciate all eels who joined and support the donation. Especially, I want to thank our admins and a talented eel, Eve Yap who drew this impressive ‘Dae Gil’ JKS on the banner… We’re really happy to have you, Eve.

“Daebak (The Royal Gambler)” is a long-awaited new drama for both of us, JKS and eels. That’s why we wanted to make something special, reflecting our continuous support to JKS and expectation for the drama in the banner. Then, we decided this wording, “Your unyielding spirit changes the world”. This “Your” means both JKS and Dae Gil. We found their similarity and put it in this way.

At first we didn’t expect to display two banners, but as we changed the goal to collect donations to 1000 kg (1 ton), this idea was suggested by our admin. We divided the total amount by two, and asked the organizer to display 2 designed banners. Luckily they accepted our idea, and promised to display two as a set, next to each banner.

Then, we started to make another design plan. We wanted to make a nice contrast with each other and look very impressive and unique. Our original design’s background was white, so we thought it would look nicer if the other one is black, implying his (JKS and Dae Gil) light and shadow, good and hard times. We have members from 80 countries across 6 continents. We put this on the ribbon as always, and used world map as the background image, putting national flags on the banner.
And we decided the wording, “JKS, LIVE YOUR DREAM! EELS ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU”. Plus, Eve changed the color ‘JKS, LIVE WITH YOU’ to express our unchanged promise since before, “No matter where you are… Or how far your dreams are… eels all over the world will always be with you. Our promise”. This is related to our first wording “Your unyielding spirit changes the world”, too. And that reminded me of our past impressive International Herald Tribune project for his 20th debut anniversary. A new era has begun with JKS and eels. We’ve experienced JKS and our journey continues in 2016…

Near 21 ton rice in total!

Luckily our banners were displayed at the entrance of SBS building, so many including Mama Jang, Cherry noticed ours! Cherry took the photo and even shared her Instagram!! We hope Suk also saw ours.

We’re happy that Cherry and SBS also shared our banner photos!

Original source: cherry_jang Instagram
Cool ‘Daebak’!

Original source: SBS

10 thoughts on “[Rice Wreaths] Light and shadow… JKS’ unyielding spirit changes the world, Daebak!”

  1. This will be for me the most memorable rice wreath that ECI and JKSFOREVER ever did!
    The depth of thought, the amazing ideas……..DAEbAK!!!!

  2. U all are daebak with daebak ideas. There are so many updates to post these days must be hard for u all still eels always rocks. I really appreciate your hard work. Thankyou so much for this neverending love for this fantastic man. I would like to take rebirth again and again in this “JKS world – a wonderland of happiness and pure love”. To make 80 countries to fall for a single man is impossible for anyone else. I am proud to love you dear sukkie. <3<3


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