[Rice Wreaths] JKS’ dream goes on as his transformation changes the world

Finally I managed to post the detailed our rice wreath banner here. Sorry for my late update… but I think many of you have already seen it in some fan-cams or media photos. Ta-da! You can finally see the close-ups! Thanks ECI eels who contributed to ‘Switch’ support. We could send 1ton rice this year again.
Your dream goes on
as your transformation
changes the world…

This is our message to Jang Keun Suk for his first drama after 2 years interval. He’s really versatile and always keeps Zikzin to challenge various new fields. That’s why we’ve had a lot of unforgettable memories even he didn’t appear on any dramas in 2 years. And thanks to him, we eels have also seen new worlds with him. In fact, he’s already changed our eels’ world, and we’re sure it goes on.

No matter what kind of fields he chooses, eels trust his choice and always support him. We’ll see more unseen worlds with him. We added our promise, “We eels are always with you” on the banner. As our blog name shows, we’re Jang Keun Suk’s eels forever 😉

Our rice wreath banner was designed by Eve Yap as she did for ‘Daebak’. As always, her fan-art work is awesome and unique. Here is a short comment from her. “The image is based on switch drama concept where JKS interchanges between 2 characters and in the process these 2 characters seems to share something more than just their appearance.” Thank you Eve again!
Below are the original design images.

2 thoughts on “[Rice Wreaths] JKS’ dream goes on as his transformation changes the world”

  1. Morning all eels thx to sis Eve Yap for her nice banner it’s true we are JKS Eels forever . I have just finished watching ‘Switch ‘ episode 1 and 2 enjoy so much looking for 3 and 4 tomorrow .His acting is surpub ,handsome as usual ❤️❤️Wishing everyone a Happy Easter ,byebye Love you all and ocx to our dear JKS


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