[CriJ VP’s blog] Video Ad on Jang Keun Suk SBS TV drama Daebak at Seoul Station

Original source: CriJ Vice President personal blog
English translation: Hazy Lee from ECI


After SBS 6 Flying Dragon, in 2 weeks’ time on Mar 28, SBS new drama “Daebak” will broadcast.

To give actor… no… OUR lead actor Jang Keun Suk our fullest support Overseas Eels all gathered.

A total of 11 overseas fan clubs. With a common heart, just to show support to Actor Jang in his role as Daegil in historical drama Daebak.

In the process of preparing this support event, I once again sensed eels, Jang Keun Suk fans’ love towards him. Together in the world of eels. It’s always JKS first, putting aside personal agenda.

They hope to give their fullest support, just like how JKS gives his all into the drama. It’s ok not to emphasize the individual groups. Not just this video advertisement, Worldwide eels support shall be revealed one by one starting next week. Once you see it all. You shall understand.

Eels became busier once JKS starts drama filming. Although eels have also supported him in the past in his overseas activities… Can we let go off domestic support? Although many locals may not see JKS overseas activities. Many eels will blog about JKS so more will get to understand him. Everyday, different kinds of blogs and stories… no… in fact every hour there will be someone who is commenting. And now, fully committed to support and protect my… our Jang Keun Suk. We are fully aware of local eels’ support. But, overseas eels have always participated with us in commenting and reposting of the various media news and reviews. Together as one, joining in all support.

Someone once shared this with me “I’ve never seen any fandoms like JKS’s. They are like ONE big family in JKS regardless of their ages and nationalities.”

I felt really proud after hearing this. Actor Jang is truly amazing, being able to draw us all close together. Likewise, we give him our highest trust.

One more thing!! The reason for this support event being video advertisement. Since the support is for our Actor Jang. Why isn’t the screen shown on Seoul Station just that of our Actor Jang? I understand you may be questioning… But a drama is not possible by an individual. All the lead casts, as well as the part time cast, together with the script writer. everyone in the production team works hard together to produce a great drama. Eels’ ultimate goal is to see a successful Daebak drama. Really touched to see such an ad, which is filled fully with eel’s hearts.

Took several pictures and videos.
I get really excited whenever someone stops to watch the video

Can see the screen very clearly from Seoul Station square. There are many people passing by especially right in front of the main entrance. We can watch the full video once together.

The moment the eye appears on this huge screen.

The screen is 16m by 9m LED screen. Still must personally come and see for myself. Really awesome to see such clear and sharp images on screen.

Can you see what on the upper left of this screen?
“장근석 팬클럽 크리제이”
JKS Official Fan Club Cri J

After the title of the drama

The various logos of the fan clubs are shown right at the end of the video. Proud! Proud! Not just eels, we hope many people will support Daebak. Presenting the video screened at Seoul Station. All overseas eels who participated, Thank You!

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