How to pre-order the ticket of Tokyo Dome (Nov.26,2011)

The additional arena tour is scheduled to be held at Tokyo Dome on Nov. 26, 2011. And how to pre-order the ticket was announced yesterday.
the application page for Tokyo Dome ticket

In Japan, how to order and receive the ticket is very complex… So it must be rather difficult for foreigners. I’m not sure if there are any agencies which are planning to arrange getting the ticket for foreigners. You can inquire about it for Tree-J company.

If you sing up as Lawson web members, you can pre-order the ticket from Nov. 3 at 19:00 to Nov.6 at 23:59. I found English guidance. So if you are interested in getting the ticket, please try to become the member.
How to sign up as Lawson Web Members

After becoming the member, I’ll show you the details to order including how to pay and receive it step by step. So please let me know! 🙂
But I’m really sorry that I won’t be in Japan at that time, so if you need some helps, it may takes some time… 🙁

Audio source of “Lounge H” album

This is a trial listening of “Lounge H vol.1” album by 張根碩× BIG BROTHER.
You can enjoy listening to the songs including the talks between BIG BROTHER and JKS.
I hope they’ll release other MV and succeed in the music industy ^^

★TEAM H “[MV]Gotta Getcha” 張根碩× BIG BROTHER

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